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Re: [ARSCLIST] Mostly for laughs

I'd be very afraid to freeze a brass instrument. What if those minute imperfections were what gave the instrument its character? I think the only place where it is measurable is wear resistance. Blades stay sharp longer. Engines last longer and have fewer stress fractures. It's plausible, though not likely, that if you took an entire system, including AC wiring from the transformer, breakers, sockets, that there might be a cumulative affect. Let's say that when the house was wired, there was a stress fracture in the Romex, and cryogenics partially "cured" the problem (don't ask me how--this is hypothetical), that contact resistance would be reduced and noise would go down with that. This also means that you were dealing with either faulty products or workmanship. Also, most of the wires being "tweaked" by audiophools are more than a decent CD player. I don't see how or why a $500 cable would need to be "tweaked" to sound good. The best "tweak" I ever found was unplugging and plugging back every connections and tightening the screws on the wall outlets. It lowered noise (hum and hiss). Phillip

Peter Hirsch wrote:
This topic has been raised and debated on the list for hornplayers that I also
subscribe to. There are repair shops that will cryogenically treat entire
instruments in hopes of aligning the crystal structure of the metal. The
upshot, as I recall, was that some claimed that they could tell the difference
between before and after and some couldn't. Some of the metallurgically
inclined on the list cited facts to prove or disprove claims of the process'
efficacy, but no clear conclusion was agreed upon (big surprise). It is agreed
that there is a measurable effect on the metals, but whether or not that
amounts to a hill of beans when the metals are used and measured acoustically,
is highly debatable (that's what listservs are here for, right?)

So, I am glad to have fully cleared all of that up <wry, wincing grin>. If
anyone is particularly interested in this angle, contact me and I can search
the hornlist's archives for the actual postings.


Peter Hirsch

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