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Re: [ARSCLIST] Dynamic-frequency Range

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From: "Karl Miller" <lyaa071@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> I have been doing some reading and can't seem to find information on what
> dynamic range was available in the era of the acoustic and early
> electronic recordings.
> I can find references to the available frequency range...some sources list
> by 1925 it was about 100-4,000 cps and in 1934 it was 30-8,000 cps. However, I
> not find references to the frequency ranges afforded by acoustic recordings.
Since only two companies, Victor and Columbia, were recording
electrically in 1925...and then only from March onward...it is
very possible that the 100-4000 refers to acoustic recording
(if so, it would have to be the best of that).

I've never looked at the frequency spectrum of an acoustic
record...however, keep in mind that the sound we call "AC hum*"
is usually around B-flat an octave and a bit below "Middle C"
(around 256 Hz)
* 120Hz, usually from full-wave rectification

Just at a guess, I would say the bottom end of acoustic
recording would fall somewhere between those two frequencies...
certainly, Middle C can be heard on them, but virtually all
the sound of bass instruments goes missing...

Steven C. Barr

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