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Steven C. Barr(x) wrote:

I think I posted a while back to the effect that the laser beams used
to play optical discs could, at least in theory, knock a few billion
molecules from their places...but was told that wasn't possible
because the actual information-bearing surface is protected by a
layer of transparent plastic.

Quantum mechanics assures you that the process of measurement alters the object being measured. As I noted in an earlier comment on this thread, the effect will be minute, but not zero.

Also noted then - and since by at least one other - detection of the degradation is far from obvious. I maintain two working copies of some D2D LPs, playing one with some frequency and the other occasionally to see if I can detect degradation relative to the first. I know loss occurs with every playing, but so long as it is imperceptible to me and to those listening with me, it is de minimus and I neglect it.


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