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Re: [ARSCLIST] Thirties Stereo

Larry Friedman wrote:

> Ironically enough, I recently went on a search for the Stokowski Bell Labs
> recordings, and the only thing I found was that Iron Needle disk. I have
> never bought anything by this label for obvious reasons, but I had no choice
> here, so I did. The transfer is actually not bad. There is a certain bloom
> to the sound that I liked. I couldn't help but wonder where they had stolen
> the recording from.

Obviously they just lifted the two Bell Labs LPs! Those were all Ward Marston

> Soon after I bought the Iron Needle disk (that has about half of the
> recordings), I found a "private" disk of all of the Bell recordings pressed
> by Theo van der Burg of the Netherlands. His site is
> http://www.med.hro.nl/burtw/. I have nothing to do with Her Burg, except
> that I am a happy customer of his. His product is extremely well done, very
> clear and open, and he was kind enough to send the set out to me even though
> PayPal had bollixed up the payment. I imagine the rest of his transfers are
> equally as good.
> I heard the Ellington "accidental" stereo disks a number of years ago. They
> were pressed and released, but I have forgotten by whom. The sound was good
> and certainly less distracting than the Fantasia sound, where each choir of
> instruments keeps bouncing around from speaker to speaker. As I remember,
> the Ellingtons had a very nice spread. I will try and find out on which
> label they were transferred.

On "Everybodys" on LP, on another label for CD. The CD is much better because
the synchronization was improved..the LP was laboriously done over several
months, and having fooled around with that kind of thing in the early 90s
without any digital equipment, I know how impossible it is to keep the tracks in
sync, in phase and in pitch.


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