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[ARSCLIST] Symphonic Digital Programs

  This has to do with Karl Miller's post of a week or so ago about what 
various orchestras and other organizations have or have not been doing to put their 
audio collections into digital form. He cited me with regard to the Chicago 
Symphony Orchestra (and thank him). I'm sorry to be late with this reponse.

  My contact with the CSO Archives is tangential, through my work at WFMT and 
involvement on the committee that chooses each year's CD sets for WFMT 
"Symphonython" release and sale. However, I am reasonably sure that no work is being 
done to covert the CSO Archives into digital form except for what is 
nominated for audition each year by our committee. Those titles (only) are then 
converted to CD.

  Don Tait 

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