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Re: [ARSCLIST] Warsaw Concerto / STINSON SLP 38 / SCHWANN Catalog

Are these by any chance the same calypso albums,that
Disc issued on 78 ? If so,I was not aware,of a volume
three.I have volume one,on a Disc 78 set,and have seen
volume two,years ago,but foolishly passed on it,due to
missing records.These are not common pieces.On a good
day,they can pass the hundred dollar mark,on eBay.
                                Roger Kulp

--- Thomas Stern <sternth@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi John,
>   I plan to publish the list, which will include
> album title, performer 
> and track listings when pending inquiries have
> been answered.
>   Currently the range of releases spans SLP 1
> through 98.
>   We have NO information for 26 and 45.
>   We need track lists and performer credits for 
>   27 Calypso v.2
>   28 Calypso v.3
>   38  Concert - Warsaw Concerto etc.
>   42  Matancera Bolero
>   43  Matancera Rhumbas
>   49  Ellen Stekert - Ozark
>   72  Bob DeCormier  Catskill
>   75  Jean Murai
>   89  African-Nigeria
>   Also, there is some confusion about the track list
> differences between 
> the 10" and 12"  Patrick Galvin albums.
>   If anyone has the 10" versions - I would
> appreciate receiving a scan 
> or photocopy of the liner notes.
> We need a list of any albums also released on the
> Folksay LABEL, release 
> dates and an explanation of why this label was
> created.
> The list will be posted on ARSC, Ballad-L, and 78-I,
> perhaps also on Mudcat.
>  Further research will be conducted to identify the
> 78rpm sources for 
> those albums which are reissues, and correlate the
> US
> albums to corresponding UK albums on Melodisc label.
>   Anyone with information is invited to contribute. 
>  Thanks!
> Best wishes, Thomas.

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