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Re: [ARSCLIST] Warsaw Concerto / STINSON SLP 38 / SCHWANN Catalog

Hi John,
I plan to publish the list, which will include album title, performer and track listings when pending inquiries have
been answered.
Currently the range of releases spans SLP 1 through 98.
We have NO information for 26 and 45.
We need track lists and performer credits for 27 Calypso v.2
28 Calypso v.3
38 Concert - Warsaw Concerto etc.
42 Matancera Bolero
43 Matancera Rhumbas
49 Ellen Stekert - Ozark
72 Bob DeCormier Catskill
75 Jean Murai
89 African-Nigeria
Also, there is some confusion about the track list differences between the 10" and 12" Patrick Galvin albums.
If anyone has the 10" versions - I would appreciate receiving a scan or photocopy of the liner notes.
We need a list of any albums also released on the Folksay LABEL, release dates and an explanation of why this label was created.
The list will be posted on ARSC, Ballad-L, and 78-I, perhaps also on Mudcat.
Further research will be conducted to identify the 78rpm sources for those albums which are reissues, and correlate the US
albums to corresponding UK albums on Melodisc label.
Anyone with information is invited to contribute. Thanks!
Best wishes, Thomas.

John Ross wrote:

At 10/11/2006 08:41 AM, Thomas Stern wrote:

There are a handful of titles for which we have not gotten data - the search goes on.

Thomas, do you plan to publish the Stinson list or put it online someplace?

John Ross

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