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[ARSCLIST] Instant Recording Discs, was Re: [ARSCLIST] Record Gunk

Hi Christie,

Questions : Does the fit part way on the spindle or not at all. Does
the label impede the spindle ?  Is the disc GLASS BASED?  Hold it up to
bright light and if you can see through it, it's glass.

I turned down the spindle of my transcription turntable on a lathe and
- So far - haven't found a disc which wouldn't fit.  Having a little
play in the spindle also allows for eccentricities found in pressings to
be corrected. The cloth covering on the platter holds the disc nicely.

I've heard of people drilling out the centre holes in discs so they
will fit. A glass disc will will shatter at the first touch of a drill
or any other attempts to enlarge the centre hole. Turning down the
spindle is your only recourse if it's glass.

If the disc fits  mostly all the way down on the spindle, then fill up
the space between the record and the platter with other - preferaby
surplus records- until it sits flat. If the disc is too high , then the
tonearm geometry will be wrong.

I'd pursue the spindle being turned down if you have that option.

Bob Hodge



Robert Hodge,
Senior Engineer
Belfer Audio Archive
Syracuse University
222 Waverly Ave .
Syracuse N.Y. 13244-2010

315-443- 7971

>>> cpeterso@xxxxxxxxx 10/12/2006 9:51 AM >>>
Thanks to everyone who responded to my record "gunk," er, palmitic acid

question.  After careful examination of the surface, I went the Windex

and distilled water route, with very good success.  The disc cleaned 
right up, does not have any flaking, and, 24 hours after cleaning, does

not seem to have suffered any ill effects.

Now, I find we can't play this disc (along with about a half dozen 
others that appear to be instant recordings from NBC news) because the

hole drilled in the middle is too small to fit our turntables.  Since I

don't know the proper term for the pin in the middle of the platter
since none of the dozen or so audiophile pages I've read on turntables

mentions it), it's really hard to find information about what to do.  
Again, advice from those in the know will be gratefully accepted.


Christie Peterson
Project Archivist, Muskie Archives & Special Collections
Bates College
70 Campus Avenue
Lewiston, ME 04240-6018
 (t) 207-753-6918
 (f) 207-755-5911

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