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Re: [ARSCLIST] Ediphone Cylinders

Hi Jack:

You might consider sending these to the guys at Lawrence Berkeley who opitcally "play" them. They sound of historical value. I think the WJZ program is the original or just about the original NBC chimes. I dunno if I'd mess with original equipment with any semi-obscure cylinders.

-- Tom Fine

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Subject: [ARSCLIST] Ediphone Cylinders

Recently I acquired a few 6" Ediphone cylinders in an original box (on the top of which is scrawled "Hands Off - 4/29/29"). One of the cylinders is Dictaphone Business Practice Course, Record 2, in virtually new condition. The others have some mold spots and dirt and need to be cleaned. How best to go about that - with Windex? Also, what speed did they play at, and with what size stylus? There's probably nothing very special recorded on them, although it's not business dictation. Slips with the cylinders read --

"Announcer for Edison Radio Orchestra"
"World War #2"
"Philosophical Talk 1929"
"White House Coffee radio show announcer 1929"
"WJZ NYC chimes 1929"
"Intro Announce to Edison TAE Inc Show dedicated to Henry Ford"
"May 1929 - SGL - CH - WHC" - the White House Coffee show

-- Jack Raymond

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