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Re: [ARSCLIST] Temperament--was: Are we at the end of the road musically??

Steven Barr wrote:

1) What is the numerical value of this "twelfth root of two?" I don't
think I have either a sufficiently advanced calculator (or program),
or sufficient calculation skills, to figure that out...

Roughly, 1.06 - which is why a semitone change of pitch comes with a 6% speed change.


2) Just a thought...if, as you say, "It doesn't give the exact ratios
for any chord"...is it not, then, a practical approximation...or, as
we used to say back in my USAF days, "Close enough for government

Yes and no. (Specificity again!)

Different approximations have been used in various times and places with different results in the sound. In many cases, the variations are not subtle.

3) Does "from note to note" allow for the fact that some notes in
the major scale differ by full tones, while others differ by
half-tones (i.e. there is no C-flat!)...or were you speaking of
the series in a twelve-tone "scale?"

For each semitone.

A quick look suggests that this is a good starting point.


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