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Re: [ARSCLIST] Ediphone Cylinders

   Actually these sound very interesting.I was not aware people used dictation cylinders,to record early radio broadcasts,but it only seems logical.I am sure I am the only one here,to say this,and most of you,have seen many such cylinders.The Henry Ford,might be of historical interest,especially if he is discussing his,unusual political beliefs.As an ameteur historian,of government conspiracies,and "alternative history",I personally,would be VERY interested in hearing the one,on the coming second world war.I have a couple of such books,from the period,and I think such speculation is facinating.Also,local (?) radio shows like this,should be of interest to old radio buffs.I have found good homes,for lacquer disc ones,from the 30s,and 40s,including one from Alaska ! I have never seen any this old,other than the occasional commercial transcription,pressed by Victor,or Columbia.
                        Roger Kulp

Jack Raymond <jraymond@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
  Recently I acquired a few 6" Ediphone cylinders in an original box (on 
the top of which is scrawled "Hands Off - 4/29/29"). One of the 
cylinders is Dictaphone Business Practice Course, Record 2, in virtually 
new condition. The others have some mold spots and dirt and need to be 
cleaned. How best to go about that - with Windex? Also, what speed did 
they play at, and with what size stylus? There's probably nothing very 
special recorded on them, although it's not business dictation. Slips 
with the cylinders read --

"Announcer for Edison Radio Orchestra"
"World War #2"
"Philosophical Talk 1929"
"White House Coffee radio show announcer 1929"
"WJZ NYC chimes 1929"
"Intro Announce to Edison TAE Inc Show dedicated to Henry Ford"
"May 1929 - SGL - CH - WHC" - the White House Coffee show

-- Jack Raymond

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