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Re: [ARSCLIST] Recording rates for musicians.

I don't personally believe that classical music is superior to other forms of music. However, I do know from personal experience that classical musicians spend countless hours listening to, memorizing and analyzing music. My buddies that play in bands (not wind ensembles) spend much more time concerning themselves with how their jeans fit. Phillip

Karl Miller wrote:
ymphony") orchestra!

This exchange is beginning to remind me of a long discussion we had on the moderated classical list!

Yes, much of classical music has been, at different times in history, been
a part of the upper classes and has often been marketed as such...much to
its own detriment...at least from my perspective.

It is also interesting to note an opposite development! In this
day and age, particularly in the USA, country & western music has
been adopted as what might be called "the official 'working class'
musical genre!"

Yet, one might also point out that some of the most successful C & W musicians are multimillionaires.


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