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Re: [ARSCLIST] La Voce del Padrone


Is the Russolo Brothers' Intonarumori record "Serenata/Corale" listed?
I'd sure love to know the Voce del Padrone issue number, under whose name it
is listed and the exact way listed, and if they have it assigned to any
particular category.

Gee - thanks if you run into that info! Really!

David N. Lewis
Assistant Classical Editor, All Music Guide

"Music expresses what one cannot say, but about which one cannot remain
silent." - Victor Hugo

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In case someone needs information from it, I managed to purchase a 350 page 
1925 catalogue by "La voce del Padrone - La società del Grammofono" (Italian

His Master's Voice). The introduction is mostly devoted to an explanation of

the superiority of the interchangeable stylus against the fixed ones - who 
was then marketing fixed stylus/vertical records, Pathé?
Francesco Martinelli
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