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[ARSCLIST] Music listening today


Interesting. They cite market shares for flash-memory music players, in other words those competing with the iPod Nano and Shuffle. There are also several competing with the regular hard drive iPod, but I betcha Apple has 80+% of that market since they probably get a contractural discount on the IBM/Hitachi drives and thus can price with a better profit margin than others.

Reading this article, I can't see why one wouldn't buy an iPod Nano vs. these competitors but different strokes for different folks. I didn't take the time to research the competitors' websites, but I'd like to know which if any of these will play WAV files or a lossless compressed format. The Nano will play both WAV and ALF.

Apple is really pushing the new Nano these days, which makes me guess that it is their best seller. I think the latest (gen. 5) iPod stretches the definition of "portable" with its somewhat fragile hard drive and display screen. Why anyone would want to watch a movie on that tiny screen is a mystery to me but apparently that's a must-have feature with the "digerati" crowd.

Anyway, soon some of us will be archiving iPod playlists!

-- Tom Fine

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