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Re: [ARSCLIST] Recording rates for musicians.

Which part? I was just kidding about the great country tunes. I was serious about the musicianship of great blue grass and jazz musicians being on a par with classically trained musicians. I known all types from my time in college, and _all_ the guys I know who are in bands (country, rock) don't work as hard as the guys I know that play in symphonies. Phillip

Steven Smolian wrote:


That brings to mind a truly great song that surely will go down the in the annals of songdom with the likes of any Schubert Lieder: "A Country Boy Can Survive". And there's the "we'll put a boot in their ***, it's the American way" song. But seriously, I don't disagree with you. I'd place great jazz and blue grass musicians on a pedestal with great classically trained musicians. Many "popular" and "folk" musicians don't have "chops". They are creative. Yes, you are correct that there is an elitism to "classical" music and musicians, but they work a hell of a lot harder than most popular musicians. I think that's why the boys (and girls) don't get stoned before playing Le Sacre or Zarathustra.

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