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[ARSCLIST] Author needs specific label scans

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>To: owner-78-l@xxxxxxxxxxxx
>From: Hazen Schumacher <schuins@xxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Pictures of 78s
>To whom it may concern,
>I am writing a book which will have photos of several original 78s of records I'm discussing. There are four that I still don't have. Can anybody help me?
>        Columbia 35626  Mildred Bailey  I'm Nobody's Baby
>        Commodore 1507  Lee Wiley               Sugar
>        Decca 7827      Big Joe Turner  Careless Love
>        Decca 8559      Jay McShann     Hootie Blues
>Hazen Schumacher
>The Schumachers
>734 662 7911

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