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Re: [ARSCLIST] CD versus Download was "All hail the analogue revolution..."

Buddy Holly,Gene Vincent,Eddie Cochran,Chuck Berry,Carl Perkins,Ray Charles,Bo Diddley,Smokey Robinson,Hank Ballard,and dozens of others I could name.

steven c <stevenc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: ----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Don Cox" 
> In rock and pop, by and large the performer is the focus, and most of
> the material is composed by the performers. So one might buy a studio
> recording and a live concert recording, and that is it. 
That is a practice which has only existed for just over (about) forty
years! IIRC, the Beatles were the first pop artists to write the vast
majority of the tunes they recorded (and they had the advantage of
being talented songwriters...one not granted to most of their ilk!)
Prior to that point (even during the heyday of "rock'n'roll!") if
one was a song PERFORMER one contacted a WRITER to see what songs
might be available to record. 

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