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Re: [ARSCLIST] CD versus Download was "All hail the analogue revolution..."

On 29/09/06, David Lennick wrote:
> A friend of mine has 44 versions of the Rachmaninoff Third Piano
> Concerto. That's about 40 more than I think worthwhile, and one is
> probably plenty for many folks.

That does seem a lot, but maybe he listens to that concerto weekly.

It makes sense to have Rachmaninoff's own recording, one by Horowitz,
and one other for when you are not in the mood for either Horowitz or
pre-war sound quality.

A beginner could certainly be happy with one modern recording, until he
knows the music well. Once you know a piece well, assuming it has any
depths to it, then hearing a different performance is like viewing a
statue from another direction when you have only ever seen one
photograph of it.

But the customer's dilemma is whether to buy a new recording of a piece
he wants to know better, or of a piece he has never heard. Likewise for
a rock band - do you buy their live recording of all the old favourites,
or the new studio recording of new songs?

Don Cox

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