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Re: [ARSCLIST] Information on open reel players and tapes

G'day, Richard

It is quite common for public archives & libraries to receive by donation or
bequest  collections of open-reel tapes.  Without proper documentation this
can be something of a "poisoned chalice" espially if the tapes are not in
good condition! I suspect many such institutions no longer have easy access
to open-reel tape-recorders but are obliged to store the recordings anyway!

To catalogue such collections usually requires a quick guestimate of their
content and technical details.  The magnetic viewer facilitates this without
having to worry about sticky-shed, faulty splices, over-wide tape, damaged
spools, etc. etc.


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But, to be honest, I find it more useful to play the tape on a four
_channel_ 1/4-inch deck--I have a modified Otari MTR-12 that I use for this,
but many of the Teac or Sony decks would work just as well.

In fact, all of the track formats appear to have their own signature.

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