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Re: [ARSCLIST] Information on open reel players and tapes

At 03:40 PM 3/30/2004 +1200, Nigel Champion wrote:
I have found a useful tool for determining what tracks have
been recorded onto a tape is a Group Arnold Magnetic Viewer 1022.  This
responds to the magnetic fields on a tape and gives a visual representation
of the recorded track pattern on a tape.

Hi, Nigel,

A very useful tool indeed! I have the (I think) current ordering
information on my Web site at http://www.richardhess.com/tape/tips.htm

But, to be honest, I find it more useful to play the tape on a four
_channel_ 1/4-inch deck--I have a modified Otari MTR-12 that I use for
this, but many of the Teac or Sony decks would work just as well.

In fact, all of the track formats appear to have their own signature.

Thanks for bringing this up!



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