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Re: [ARSCLIST] ARSCLIST Digest - 23 Mar 2004 to 24 Mar 2004 (#2004-65)

In a message dated 3/24/04 9:02:04 PM, LISTSERV@xxxxxxx writes:

<< Is there an accepted standard format for audio files that are to be
archived on a server of some sort? By this I mean a format that does not
condensing and/or any other manipulations that would in any way affect my
ability to go back, open up, and have access to "the whole thing". I'm not
talking about simply saving, let's say, a Pro Tools session en masse but
a file format that retains as much of the "sound" information as possible. Not
the session itself. I'm asuming that these are completed sessions. Also, I'm
not concerned with things like CD-Rs, etc; though I obviously would like to
preserve the ability to make them again later.

My guess is that we're talking about either a WAV or AIFF files, no? >>

Nearest thing to an accepted standard right now is "B-WAV"  format (Broadcast
WAV, which is compatible with WAV) at 24-bit/96Khz sampling rate minimum.

Dave Radlauer

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