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[ARSCLIST] Academy of Certified Archivists exam in Atlanta?

 Is anyone, or do you know of someone that is, interested in taking the Academy of Certified Archivists exam <http://www.certifiedarchivists.org/html/greeting.html>, if it was held in Atlanta? I was considering going to Charlotte for the exam, but if I could find a couple of people in the Atlanta area interested in taking the exam, then the Georgia Archives could possibly host the exam.
In addition to announced examination sites, candidates may petition the Academy to hold the certification examination in any city of their choice, substantially reducing or even eliminating travel expenses. The only requirement is that at least five persons take the examination at the same site. 
I am happy to announce that at this point we already have four people interested, so we only need one more person. Of course, if we can get more than five people interested then that will be even be better.

Lance Watsky
Preservation & Media Specialist
The Georgia Archives
5800 Jonesboro Road
Morrow, GA 30260
678-364-3764 (phone)
678-364-3860 (fax)

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