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Re: [ARSCLIST] substitute for Kodak Lens Cleaner

Karl Miller wrote:
> My supply of the Kodak Lens Cleaner is about gone and I have found it is
> no longer available. Some of you may remember the article of some years
> ago in the ARSC Journal which suggested the use of the cleaner for
> lacquers...by the way, it did a great job.
> I wondered what else might work well with lacquers.

First off, I just wanted to express my astonishment about Kodak's dropping
of a truly essential product. Yes, I also got great results from Kodak Lens

By way of a knowledgeable friend, I've come to know "The Disc Doctor's
Miracle Record Cleaner". I've tried it on some really dreadfully
fungus-infected lacquers, and it works beautifully! It ain't cheap, but then
again new lacquers are even harder to come by!

Aaron Z

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