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Re: [ARSCLIST] Can You Identify This Tune? [78-l] [ARSCLIST]

I have no information regarding the tune. All I have is a comment on the
"lyrics". My only previous exposure to these verses was a variant which was
published in "fact:" magazine, circa 1965. The magazine was one of the more
successful ventures by Ralph Ginzburg, who was better known at the time for
his legal troubles over distribution by the US Postal System of his magazine
"Eros". That was the same period in which poor Lenny Bruce was being
persecuted for his so-called obscenities which he used on the stage. The
"good old days" were anything but!

The variant of the lyrics in question was published in an article about
lavatory graffiti, and that was my only exposure to Sam prior to this
posting. I had no idea that Sam had actually made it to recorded media! I
suspect that ARSC-member Bill Schurk knows everything there is about this
song (I was bowled over by his encyclopedic knowledge of such things at last
year's ARSC convention.). He certainly would be a good starting-point for
your inquiry.

Aaron Z

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