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Re: [ARSCLIST] Is this 1929 Harmony Recording Acoustic? (Harmony 308H)

RA Friedman wrote:

"I included the reference because it was interesting to me to see if the
disc was produced pre or post to Ford's apology of July 1927. The recording
is unusual in that it's an instrumental lacking any lyrics. "Henry Ford is
learning how to Yiddisha Charleston now" is one of the lines from the
original song text. Unlike "Since Henry Ford Apologized to Me" which
blatently satyrizes and stereotypes Jews, the "Yiddisher Charleston" is
quietly biting and not at all equivocal in its message: the Israelites are
setting the tempo of America. It's especially mordent since Ford had made
such strong attacks on Jazz and what he claimed was a conspiracy of Jewish
songwriters to manipulate both the market and degrade the morals of the
American public."


I very much appreciate Mr Friedman's historical perspective. I'm a latecomer
to the song "Since Henry Ford Apologized to Me", which, despite the
stereotyping (especially when you include the dialect used in Jones & Hare's
recording), struck me as being rather biting to a surprising level.
Naturally, Ford deserved far stronger condemnation, but then again it was a
whole different world back then, and not one I'd like to have lived in
(except for the music, of course!).

Not ever having heard the lyrics to the "Yiddisher Charleston", Mr.
Friedman's reference seemed a bit obscure. Thanks to him, it's all now quite
clear. Thanks very much!!

Aaron Z

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