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Re: [ARSCLIST] RCA Victor record plant film available on DVD

Graham Newton wrote:

> As an old RCA Victor Record Division employee, the film "Command
> Performance"
> narrated by Milton Cross has always fascinated me.
> ... I recently came across
> someone selling this film on EBAY.

Be aware of the fact that this film, as well as many other fascinating
titles, is available for download at the Prelinger Archive.

After viewing this film several times, I'm absolutely amazed that mere
humans could have come up with such a complicated process! Even more, I'm
amazing that such a huge quantity of recordings were made routinely this way
for several decades, and that the resultant discs were relatively

On the other hand, I wonder how many fatal illnesses resulted from breathing
all the noxious fumes created by some of the exotic materials used in the
process. Times *really* have changed!

Aaron Z

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