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Re: [ARSCLIST] Odd Speed

Hi Steve -

This is a 7 inch reel but this piece of audio has been spliced at the head of
it.  When I get past the splice and onto the Scotch tape (my
favourite....NOT!) it is then tailout.  It is almost as if they have used this
piece of tape as their leader.  It could well have been recorded on a 3 inch
reel on something like a Grundig.

Marie O'Connell

Steven Smolian wrote:

> Is this a 3" tape?  If so, there was a group of battery-operated recorders
> used during the Nam war period where the tape was pulled past the heads by
> the take-up reel rather than a capstan near the head.  When played on a
> regular tape machine, the speed goes from very slow to very fast.
> Steve Smolian
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> From: "Marie O'Connell" <oconnell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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> Sent: Thursday, March 04, 2004 9:30 AM
> Subject: [ARSCLIST] Odd Speed
> > Recently, in our collection, I came across a 1/4 inch reel to reel tape
> > which has a spliced in section at the head.  It has audio on it which is
> > neither 3 3/4ips or 7 1/2ips, infact I think it is in the middle of that
> > and could be 5.625ips!  Is there such a speed?  I was able to make out
> > the audio too which was very interesting, to say the least.  The
> > unidentified person first sings a song, then goes on to apologise and
> > says you can erase this if you want and that he didn't have the heart to
> > do it and then, says sorry if you are the person who has found it!  He
> > also thinks the image of the police officer has gone upwards!
> >
> > With that aside, are there machines that play this speed?
> >
> > Regards
> >
> > Marie O'Connell
> > Sound Archivist
> > Mississippi Department of Archives & History
> > Ph: 601-576-6909
> >

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