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Re: [ARSCLIST] Lacquer Disk Sleeves

That being the case, I'd go with Metal Edge.  They are about 1.03 per
sleeve for orders of 10 or more packages (of 25).  The 16" sleeves do
fit inside the corresponding record box.


>>> seubert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 04/29/03 02:11PM >>>
These sleeves have a 1/2" heat-sealed margin. Therefore the sleeves
stand upright on shelves or in boxes and they are too big to fit into
standard archival boxes designed for 16" discs. Caveat emptor!


At 04:14 PM 4/29/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>Conservation Resources Int. Springfield, VA 1-800-634-6932 has
Archival 16"
>sleeves. Four-layed and used by LOC.
>$1.26 ea for up to 100; $1.15 up to 500; $1.05 1000 or more.
>At 09:14 AM 4/28/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>>The catalog for MetalEdge is the only one I have seen that offers
>>"archival" acid free paper sleeves for 16" disks.  You can order
>>with or with out a center hole, and with or without a flap.  The web
>>address www.metaledgeinc.com has details.
>>They're a bit on the expensive side, so if anyone else has a better
>>Jeanette Berard
>>Special Collections Librarian
>>Thousand Oaks Library System
>>(805) 449-2660 xt228
>> >>> Anthony_Fountain@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 04/24/03 02:17PM >>>
>>Here at the  Sony Music Studios we are in the process of re-sleeving
>>considerable archive of 16" lacquer disks. Unfortunately our
>>supplier of sleeves, Shield Pack, who served us well, is no longer
>>business. Any suggestions from people with knowledge/experience in
>>area will be gratefully received.
>Peter T. Kiefer, Coordinator
>Fred Waring's America Collection
>The Pennsylvania State University
>313 Pattee Library
>University Park, PA 16802-1800
>Voice: (814) 863-2911
>Email: ptk1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>"The World is a stage, don't trip over a prop."

David Seubert, Curator
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Davidson Library Special Collections
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA  93106
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