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Re: [ARSCLIST] Nipper

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From: "Simon Squire" <cjlocate@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> I wonder if you could help.  A couple of interesting facts are missing
> my research into the famous Trademark.
> Would anybody know which was the first Victor record to feature the nipper
> Trademark and which was the first Gramophone Company record to do the
> Also, when was the legend "His Master's Voice" added to the Trademark on
> labels and which was the first to feature this (UK and US)?
> Release dates and catalogue numbers would be appreciated.
> I am aware of all of the territorial issues with the trademark hence just
> wanting to know the firsts for now.
> Anecdotes and firsts in other territories would be gratefully accepted
> (Possibly a couple of lasts for good measure).
Actually, there is a possible third contender here! Emile Berliner relocated
to Montreal and started his own firm there in early 1900, due to problems
with his patents in the US...and Ed Moogk's "Roll Back the Years" credits,
this Canadian operation with being the first to use Nipper in a published
advertisement. However, the Canadian labels were resolutely dog-less at that
time (even though Nipper was apparently embossed between the grooves

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