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arsclist npr series on technology and pop music

At the risk of a bit of self-promotion, I thought some of you on the list would be interested to know about a series running on NPR. Here is a link to listen to today's segment.
TechnoPop: The Secret History of Technology and Pop Music
NPR's Rick Karr continues his six-part Morning Edition series on the influence of technology on popular music. In the latest installment, learn how electricity not only changed how people recorded and listened to music, but also how the new technology helped some entertainers rise to the top. Case in point: crooner and film star Bing Crosby, the original "king of all media."

The first piece ran a week ago:

Techno Pop #1
In the first of his series "TechnoPop: The Secret History of Technology and Popular Music," NPR's Rick Karr explores the evolution of music recording technology.

-Rob Robinson

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