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Re: arsclist the dreaded microcassette

On 25-Sep-02, andy kolovos wrote:

> For some reason we've been getting a lot of microcassette deposits
> here lately. I dislike these things for so many reasons, but no matter
> how much I discourage fieldworkers from using them, they still do.
> Since I've being forced to deal with them, I need some advice: is
> there a microcassette player that anyone can recommend that has an
> actual line out (as opposed to the headphone jack, for instance)? I
> imagine that in making dubs via the headphone jack the already poor
> sound quality is suffering further as a result-is this the case? 

There is no great objection to using the headphone jack on a consumer
item. My experience is that it often gives better results than the line
out, because the circuit is able to deliver more current.

Don Cox

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