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Re: arsclist the dreaded microcassette

In a message dated 09/25/2002 3:22:58 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
akolovos@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> Since I've being
>  forced to deal with them, I need some advice: is there a microcassette
>  player that anyone can recommend that has an actual line out (as opposed to
>  the headphone jack, for instance)?  I imagine that in making dubs via the
>  headphone jack the already poor sound quality is suffering further as a
>  result-is this the case?  

A "line" output simply implies a specific voltage level and impedance. If the 
level from the headphone output is adequate and you are feeding a high 
impedance input (as are most record inputs) there is no problem using the 
headphone output.

Mike Csontos
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