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RE: arsclist turntable advise / Technics Sp-15

There has been some mention of the Technics SP-15 turntables in recent

 For anyone who is interested in the Technics Sp-15 series of
turntables. I have a Limited number of CD's available that contain the
Technics SP-15 service manual, operations manual, Service Supplement,
Schematics and the latest version of Acrobat Reader 5.05 available for
sale for 20.00 each. 

 This CD was made from very good quality scans. I took a lot of time to
make sure each page is completely readable even when looking in close

 I will soon be offering a rebuild kit for the Sp-15 that contains 16
new electrolytic capacitors for the motor and power supply boards and 2
new transistors and heat sinks for the older Sp-15's that have a D712A
transistors for Q1 & Q2 in the power supply. These transistors were
severely undersized in the early models and were later changed to D2335K
transistors with larger heat sinks. The service supplement details that
these need to be changed no matter what the problems may be. Prices for
this kit will be around 30-50.00 I am guessing.

 These turntables are getting to be about 20+ years old now and the
electrolytic caps are a major problem. I found that the main power
supply cap had leaked and corroded so badly on my SP-15, that it blew
one leg completely off the cap. I also found that most of the others had
developed leaks and were going bad.

 I am considering offering a bearing upgrade as well. If I can get
enough interest I will have some custom spindle bearings manufactured.
Contact me if interested.

 The Sp-15 is an excellent turntable for transferring 78's when it is
working properly. However this model seems to be plagued with a number
of design flaws. Technics abandoned this circuit design after this model
and this circuit design was never used for another model as far as I
 The SP-25 that came out as a replacement looks physically identical
with the exception of the 78 rpm speed, but is actually a SL-1200

 I have been researching information on this turntable for a while know
as my own SP-15 has a number of odd problems. And after talking with
quite a few Sp-15 owners that have problems as well, I decided to offer
this service information and rebuild kits for others plagued with the
same problems I have experienced.

 The modest fee for the CD's is simply to cover my time and materials
for creating the product. 

 I would be interested in talking with anyone who owns, or is interested
in purchasing a SP-15 type turntable. I know of several for sale at the
moment and may be able to help avoid the pitfalls I experienced when I
purchased mine. Please feel free to contact me off list at
overkill@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx for more information.


Dave Meyers
Overkill audio inc.

-----Original Message-----
Alternatively, put your own together using a turntable like a Technics
and an SME 3012-R arm... see the following picture of my transfer
using these components.


... Graham Newton

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