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Re: CDs, was DATs, Was Re: arsclist Duplicating casette tapes

Isn't it true that you can't get a suntan in a solarium (or in a car with
the windows rolled up), now matter how long you're in there?

Well, my own personal experience would refute that theory. I've driven from Boston to Toronto (10 hour drive if you do it without any long stops) with my arm against the window (which was closed because the AC was on high for the whole trip). When I got to Toronto my arm was so badly sunburned that the rest of the week I was there was spent with horrible pain on my left arm. Since the window was closed and I got a sunburn, I would presume the UV was getting through, wouldn't you?

Oh yeah, my light sensitive (aka UV sensitive) eyeglasses darken up when I'm driving the car with closed windows. Since they darken only because of UV, there must be UV getting through the glass.

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