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Re: DATs, Was Re: arsclist Duplicating casette tapes

George Brock-Nannestad wrote:

> ----- I said that Drago Kunej's tests were simple and that anybody
> could reproduce them, but they were not ridiculous! The above
> suggestions. does not correspond well with even the most
> outlandish archive practices.
> But I will agree: I did state that Bernd Hänsch's paper (2000) was
> counter-intuitive, but his measurements did bear out his
> conclusions. Read the paper before suggesting flippant tests (can
> one even say that?).
> Kind regards,
> George

If you are insinuating that my suggested tests are ridiculous and therefore
unworthy of consideration then you missed the point.  Of course they are
ridiculous, but they are concrete and practical.  I have not read this paper,
nor will I.  I also will not fall victim to pompous tests that do not account
for the infinite variables that would absolutely blow such tests.

If I were going to the moon and I knew the only way I could return is with a
DAT or a CDR, I would take the CDR, hands down - and I wouldn't need some
paper or the word of a supposed authority to make my decision.

Good luck. --Jeff
Jeff Carroll
Audio Preservation & Restoration Engineer
Southern Folklife Collection
Manuscripts Department
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Ph.(919) 962-1345   Fax (919) 962-3594

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