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Re: DATs, Was Re: arsclist Duplicating casette tapes

Language Laboratories and Archives wrote:
> >Media Sciences tested helical scan 4 mm and 8 mm DAT tapes for several
> >years. We noticed that repeated passes over the tape resulted in debris
> >pileup and dropouts at the beginning and end of each pass. Heads
> >attached to the rotating drum not only contact the tape but locally
> >deform the tape in order to avoid high frequency gap losses. This would
> >not be an issue for write-once archiving but is important if such tapes
> >are rewritten.
> Jerry, what about tapes that are played over and over, but not
> rewritten (these would be 1:1 back-ups)?
> Barbara
> UofC Language Labs
> >Jerry
> >Media Sciences, Inc.

Head contact is the same for both read and write operations, therefore I
would expect similar results.


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