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Re: DATs, Was Re: arsclist Duplicating casette tapes

Language Laboratories and Archives wrote:

> Do you have any specifics or sources for the anecdotal reports? I am
> interested because we are doing our archiving to DAT--given that the
> shelf-life of CDs, and therefore, presumably, DVDs is really an
> unknown.
> Barbara

I notice that
talks about a life of 10 years for DDS DAT's. I have also seen this
quoted on manufacturers DAT tape specifications.

HHB are quoting 30 years life for their DAT tapes while they predict 200
years archival life on their CD-R's (which I believe are made by
Mitsui). The web address for their media brochure which contains the
predicted lifetimes is:

I'm new on this list so I would guess that these media issues have been
discussed already, but it would be interesting to know what error rates
CD-R's from 10 years ago are showing compared to similar DAT's.


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