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arsclist CD-R Gold Discs

Hello All,

I recently shared a plane ride back from the Bay area with a gentleman in
the high-end audio business on the mastering end. As the conversation
progressed to media types I told him that the recent decision by Kodak to
stop manufacturing gold CD-R's was a topic of great interest here on the

As it turns out, the company he works for (which is well-respected in the
audio biz) is looking in to manufacturing gold CD-R's and he would like to
gauge the interest of audiophiles and preservationists for the gold CD-R's.

Since the company is still only considering making the leap in to
manufacturing gold CD-R's, they would like to understand what kind of market
demands exist for the product. As such, he would like for any and all who
are interested to please contact him.

If anyone would like to get in touch with him, please contact me off-line
for his name, company and email address (he did not want me to blindly post
his info here).

Best Regards,

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