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RE: arsclist Kemps Yearbook

Dear All,
    I apologise for the time it has taken me to answer this query; it
arrived after I went home for the weekend, and it has taken me until *this*
weekend to go and see the evidence for myself at my home in the West
(1) Kemps started publishing their "Music and Recording Industry Yearbook"
with their "1965" edition. A few words of further explanation may be
advisable : Although dated "1965", it was evidently prepared during the
opening months of 1965. All the data therein (best-selling records etc.) is
complete to the end of 1964 only.
(2) When it became "International" depends on your definition. The word
"International" appears on the cover (but not the spine) for the edition
dated "1968-9". The new section (then called "Overseas section") comprises
just 28 pages covering five countries! It blossomed for the next few
editions. By "1981" it says "International" on the spine, and the
International Section was then about a hundred pages on coloured paper.
(3) Judging by my own collection, "The Music Yearbook" was something else
entirely; but since I left the recording industry and became an archivist in
the mid-1980s, I'm not familiar with more-recent publications. I have "The
Music Yearbook 1972-3", which records what happened during the calendar year
1971. This was the first; but it was published by Macmillan (not Kemps).
    As for the last question "what similar publications were there", I feel
rather diffident about answering this; it depends what you mean by
"similar"! In the UK, the only publication before Kemp's to list
professional recording-studios and pressing-plants was "Who's Who in Music",
if that's what you mean. Also, broadcasting is another branch of both the
music and the recording industries, with different annual publications;
while the "who's who" aspect is another dimension of both!
    Because my books are hardly-ever used, I would suggest anyone who wishes
to learn more should contact me off-line, explaining exactly the angle that
interests them. I will then take a portable cassette recorder up to my
library, and *dictate* what I find. I can then snail-mail the cassette(s)!
Peter Copeland

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Does anybody know when Kemps started publishing their Music & Recording
Industry Yearbook, when it became "International", and when it became the
Music Yearbook?

Three questions there!

One more - what similar publications were there and when did they appear?

Hope you can help

Simon Squire

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