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arsclist polypropylene and tyvek liners redux

Hello everyone,
Last month I asked the list a question about CD (these are commercial
CDs) storage options.  We were using vinyl sleeves and they are starting
to "stick" to the label (ink) side of the CDs.  I had asked about using
tvek liners in these vinyl sleeves or switching to polypropylene
sleeves.  The response (which was almost unanimous) recommended moving
back to jewel cases.  This is the eventual plan but because of space and
time limits (more than half our print collection will need to be
"weeded" to an offsite storage facility to accommodate this space) this
cannot happen overnight (I am trying to convince the institution that we
need to build a new music library, but once again that will take a few
years).  As an interim measure (3-5 years) I was wondering if using the
tyvek liners would help.  The idea is that for items that we have that
are "bronzing" (which as I understand will disintigrate anyway)and other
items that have already had problems with sticking, we'll move those to
jewel cases and everything else to the tyvek liners until we can get a
new or expanded space.  

What is your perception of the tyvek liners?  Would they truly be safer
than the vinyl sleeves?  Once again this would be for a short term
solution.  I want to save our CD collection, but I also want the entire
library collection to be "useable."

Any and all help, experience and opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks, Monica

Monica Fazekas
Director, Music Library
University of Western Ontario
ph (519)661-2111 ext. 85334
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