van Monckhoven, Désiré van. A Popular Treatise on Photography. Translated By W.H. Thornthwaite. London, 1863.

A Popular Treatise on Photography also a Description of, and Remarks on, the Stereoscope and Photographic Optics, Etc. Etc.- Contents

Title Page

Introduction. A Glance at the Principal Photographic Processes Now in Use
Chapter I. The Plan Followed in this Work
Chapter II. On the Preparation of Substances Required in the Manufacture of Photographic Collodion
1. Alcohol
2. Ether
4. The Iodides and Bromides employed in the Preparation of Photographic Collodion
Chapter III. Preparation of Photographic Collodion
Chapter IV. Cleaning Glass Plates, etc
Chapter V. On the Dark Room, and Photographic Laboratory
Chapter VI. Coating with Collodion and Sensitising the Plate
Chapter VII. Photographic Cameras, Lenses, etc
Chapter VIII. On the Glass Room in Which the Sitter is Placed and the Rules to be Observed in Taking Portrait and Landscapes
Chapter IX. Development of the Latent Image Obtained IN THE CAMERA-OBSCURA
Chapter X. Fixing and Strengthening the Negative Image
Chapter XI. Varnishing the Picture
Chapter XII. The Dry Collodion, Collodio-Albumen, and Tannin Processes
1. The Dry Collodion Process
2 The Collodio-albumen Process
3. The Tannin Process
Chapter XIII. Positive Collodion Process
Chapter XIV. The Stereoscope
Chapter XV. Printing Positive Proofs
1. Salting the Paper
2. Sensitising the Paper
3. Exposure of the Prepared Paper to Light
4. Toning and Fixing the Print
5. Mounting the Proofs
Appearance of Negatives
Distillation of Ether
Preparation of Pyroxyline
Employment of the Iodides and Bromides
Nitrate of Silver Stains
Preparation of the Nitrate of Silver Bath
Preparation of Pyrogallic Acid
Photographic Optics
Spots on the Collodion Film
Crystallisable Acetic Acid