WAAC Newsletter

Volume 33, Number 1
Jan 2011


President's Letter
Dana Senge

The iPad: Condition Reporting for the XXI Century: or The use of the iPad as an image-based tool for condition reporting and location marking for scientific analysis
Yosi Posilev

Detecting and Identifying Salts during the Desalination Process with Spot Test Papers
Nancy Odegaard
Patricia Hill
Brunella Santarelli
Werner Zimmt

Aging Properties of Select UV-Blocking Window Films
Colleen Boye
Frank Preusser
Terry Schaeffer

Investigation of Pink Staining on Marble Sculpture at the J. Paul Getty Museum
Allison Lewis
Monica Ganio

Book Review
Laura Downey Staneff

Regional News
Daniel Heath Cull, editor

Articles You May Have Missed
Susanne Friend, editor

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