May 1998 Volume 20 Number 2

Directory of Analytical and Materials Testing Services for Historic Preservation

From the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training


The preservation of artifacts, historic buildings, monuments, and archaeological sites frequently requires scientific analysis of cultural materials or testing of specific properties of chemical treatments in order to document historic evidence, clarify deterioration processes, and specify conservation treatments.

Analyses of the variety of materials constituting our cultural heritage require the expertise of many different scientific disciplines such as organic and inorganic chemistry, geology and geochemistry, mineralogy, nuclear chemistry and physics, botany, microbiology, entomology, physics, and engineering. However, professionals in other scientific disciplines may not have the necessary understanding and expertise required for meaningful analytical work in historic preservation.

There are only a handful of laboratories specializing in, and dedicated to, the study and analysis of cultural property. Scientists with such expertise often work at museums and other cultural institutions that have a specific mandate to concentrate primarily on their own collections or historic properties in their care.

Students and researchers at universities, colleges and research organizations, are occupied with their research and support for their parent organization, and find it difficult to undertake outside analytical work unless it is consistent with their ongoing research or leads to a publication.

Government laboratories are mandated to actively pursue technology transfer, and unfortunately, routine analytical work does not fall in that category. Also, frequently their support is only available to other government organizations.

Several of the commercial service providers undertake materials testing, but they may not have adequate experience in performing analytical services that cater to the needs of the conservation professionals. These commercial laboratories are mainly used by conservation professionals who have enough scientific knowledge to be able to do their own data interpretation. There are, however, a few exceptions where laboratories have developed specific expertise in the study of historic materials and are able to provide data interpretation.

In order to assess the need for analytical and materials testing services for historic preservation, the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training began compiling a directory of laboratories in the United States that are willing to provide analytical services in the field of cultural heritage preservation. The directory was prepared from the responses to letters sent to laboratories and individuals, and inquiries posted on several discussion lists on the Internet, by Frank Preusser and Associates, Inc. While originally not intended to be a part of the directory, some dating laboratories and laboratories abroad have also been included. The listing is by no means exhaustive and will need to be regularly updated. Any individuals or organizations wishing to add their names to the listing may contact Mark Gilberg at NCPTT; NSU Box 5682; Natchitoches, LA 71497. Phone (318) 357-6464; Fax (318) 357-6421; mark_gilberg@ncptt.nps.gov.

Some Common Abbreviations for Analytical Techniques Used in Material Characterization

AAS Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
AEM Analytical Electron Microscopy
AES Auger Electron Spectrometry
AFM Atomic Force Microscopy
AMS Accelerator Mass Spectrometry
APCI Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization
CE Capillary Electrophoresis
CI Chemical Ionization
DSC Differential Scanning Calorimetry
DMTA Differential Mechanical Thermal Analysis
DTA Differential Thermal Analysis
ECD Electron Capture Detection
EDS Energy Dispersive Spectrometry
EDXA Energy Dispersive X-ray Analysis
EI Electron Ionization
EM Electron Microscopy
EPMA Electron Probe Microanalysis
ESCA Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis
ESI Electrospray Ionization
FAB Fast Atom Bombardment
FID Flame Ionization Detection
FT-IR Fourier Transform Infra-red Spectrometry
FT-NMR Fourier Transform Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
GC Gas Chromatography
GPC Gel Permeation Chromatography
HPLC High Performance Liquid Chromatography
IC Ion Chromatography
ICP Inductively Coupled Plasma
IR Infra-red Spectroscopy/Reflectography
LC Liquid Column Chromatography
LSC Liquid Scintillating Spectrometry
MALDI Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization
MS Mass Spectrometry
NMR Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
PID Photo Ionization Detection
PIXE Particle Induced X-Ray Emission
PLM Polarized Light Microscopy
PyGC Pyrolysis Gas Chromatography
PyMS Pyrolysis Mass Chromatography
RBS Rutherford Backscattering Spectrometry
SAM Scanning Auger Microscopy
SEM Scanning Electron Microscopy
SIMS Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
STM Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
TEM Transmission Electron Microscopy
TG Thermal Gravimetry
TGA Thermo-Gravimetric Analysis
TLC Thin Layer Chromatography
TMA Thermo-Mechanical Analysis
UV-VIS Ultraviolet-Visible Range Spectroscopy
WDS Wavelength Dispersive Spectrometry
XPS X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
XRD X-Ray Diffraction
XRF X-Ray Fluorescence


Analytical Materials Laboratory d.b.a. Tech. of Materials
Analyses of ceramic materials, composites, cement, concrete, airborne particles, soil and clay minerals, metals, polymers, corrosion products.

XRD; DTA/TG; XRF; FTIR; Raman spectroscopy

Sample Required: n/a.
Waiting Period: 2 weeks.
Fees: Depends on type of analyses: $ 100/hr. (microscopy); $200/hr. (XRD); $175/hr. (SEM). Comments: Material characterization by X-ray powder diffraction and related techniques; interested in results.
Contacts: Sam Iyengar, Ph. D.,Technical Director
3463 State Street #349
Santa Barbara, CA 93105
805 682-0051 Fax: 805 569-3382
E-Mail/Website: Iyengar@Rain.org

Applied Consumer Services, Inc.
Paint, paper, wood, textile, particle size analysis, mildew and stain resistance testing, air testing, sick building syndrome studies, water analysis.

AAS (Varian); GC (HP and Tractor); TLC; FID; PID; ECD; MS; IR Spectroscopy; Visible Spectroscopy; XRD; XRF; NMR; Microscopy.

Sample Required: Inquire.
Waiting Period: 2-18 days.
Fees: Inquire.
Comments: Also accelerated weathering and exposure tests.
Contacts: Dr. Burch Stewart, President;
Galina Tuninskya
9500 N. W. 77 Avenue, Bay # 5
Hialeah Gardens, FL 33016
305 821-1677 800 371-5854 Fax: 305 821-0155
E-Mail/Website: AC1677@aol.com

Art Conservation Dept., Univ. of Delaware
Stone, ceramic.

Thin section petrography (PLM can be supplemented by XRD analysis and/or SEM when needed).

Sample Required: Depends on material, type of object and research questions. Please consult prior to submitting samples.
Waiting Period: Negotiable.
Fees: $60/sample.
Comments: Characterization of ceramic and stone materials from artifacts and architectural elements.
Contacts: Chandra L. Reedy, Ph. D., Associate Professor
303 Old College
Newark, DE 19716
302 831-8238 Fax: 302 831-4330
E-Mail/Website: chandra.reedy@mvs.udel.edu

Bartol Research Institute, Univ. of Delaware
Metal, ceramic, marble, glass, etc.; elemental composition from sodium to lead.

PIXE using an external 0.5 mm beam-can be reduced to 50mm for special cases.

Sample Required: Any size or shape, no special requirements or mounting.
Waiting Period: One week or more, depends on extent of project.
Fees: Depends, fee structure is competitive and reasonable.
Contacts: Prof. Emeritus Charles P. Swann
217 Sharp Laboratory
Newark, DE 19716-4793
(302) 831-1279 Fax: (302) 831-1843
E-Mail/Website: swann@brivs2.bartol.udel.edu

Beta Analytic, Inc., University Branch
Radiometric and AMS Radiocarbon dating.


Sample Required: 1-4g final carbon for radiometric; 0.5-1 mg for AMS Waiting Period: Atomic Mass Spectrometry: 30-45 business days; ADVANCE: 6-14. Radiometric: 30 business days; ADVANCE: 20 days; PRIORITY: 6 days.
Fees: Contact Beta Analytic for present prices.
Comments: Largest radiocarbon dating laboratory in the world; Over 100,000 analyses performed for 5000 scientists around the world.
Contacts: Darden Hood, President, Co-director;
Ronald Hatfield, Laboratory Manger.;
Christopher Patrick, Associate Manger.;
Teresa A. Zilko-Miller, Associate Manager.
4985 S. W. 74 Court
Miami, FL 33155
305 667-5167 Fax: 305 663-0964
E-Mail/Website: Beta@radiocarbon.com

Cambridge Accelerator for Materials Science, Harvard Univ., Gordon McKay Laboratory
Non-destructive elemental analysis of paints, metals etc.

1.7 MV tandem ion accelerator configured for PIXE and RBS

Sample Required: Depends upon application.
Waiting Period: About 2 weeks.
Fees: Academic fee structure $50/hr.; industrial and governmental collaborations sought.
Contacts: John F. Chervinsky, Accelerator Manager & Engineer Faculty Supervisors: Prof. Jene Golovchen, Prof. Michael J. Aziz
9 Oxford Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
617 495-3762 Fax: 617 496-4654
E-Mail/Website: John_Chervinsky@lucifer.harvard.edu
Website: http://www.mrsec.harvard.edu/cams/cams.html

Chemir/ Polytech Laboratories, Inc
Plastic, polymer, oil, ink, rubber, coating, paint, adhesive, surfactant.

FTIR; NMR; AA; ICP; HPLC; GC; GC/MS; GPC; LC-MS; XRD; IC; SEM/EDXA; Instron; DSC; TGA; DMA; TMA; melt flow indexer.

Sample Required: Depends.
Waiting Period: 2-8 weeks depending on project, 4 weeks average; rush service available (extra charge).
Fees: Competitive.
Comments: Extensive library of standard spectra of polymers, rubber, organics and inorganics.
Contacts: Shri Thanedar, Ph. D., Technical Director
2672 Metro Blvd.
Maryland Heights, MO 63043
314 291 6620 Fax: 314 291-6630
E-Mail/Website: shri@chemir.com

Conservation and Scientific Services, CCI, Department of Canadian Heritage
Museum and archaeological objects; archival collections.

X-radiography; IR reflectography; Microscopy; SEM; X-ray micro-analysis; XRD; XRF; FTIR Spectrometry; HPLC; GC (mass selective detector); thermal analysis; AAS; UV-VIS spectrophotometer; Scanning spectrophotometer; physical/mechanical testing; shock and vibration testing; weatherometer testing; moisture content and strength; paper testing; paper permanency; color measurement.

Sample Required: Varies.
Waiting Period: Varies, typically 2 to 4 weeks.
Fees: quotations available upon request.
Comments: portable equipment for field work available.
Contacts: Mr. Cliff McCawley, Director;
Ian Wainwright, Manager, Analytical Research Laboratory;
David Grattan, Ph. D., Man., Conservation Processes and Materials Res.; Charles Costain, Manager, Preventive Conservation Services
1030 Innes Road
613 998-3721 Fax: 613 998-4721
E-Mail/Website:ian_wainwright@pch.gc.ca; david_grattan@pch.gc.ca; charles_costain@pch.gc.ca

Corrosion Testing Laboratories, Inc.
Metallography, accelerated corrosion test, metal, nonmetal, leachable material.

SEM; WDS; EDS; Olympus PME 3 Metallograph -50 to 2000x; Olympus MG Portable Metallograph 50 to 1000x; Olympus SZ-PT Stereo Microscope, Zoom 0.3 to 40x; Binocular scopes; Heat treat furnace; Hardness tester; Microhardness tester; more.

Sample Required: Varies.
Waiting Period: Work usually starts within 24 hrs. of receipt of samples.
Fees: Detailed fee schedule attached.
Comments: Certified to ASME Section III, Division I, Subsection NCA 3800 (Nuclear).
Contacts: Richard A. Corbett, Principal Corrosion Engineer
60 Blue Hen Drive
Newark, DE 19713
302 454-8200 Fax: 302 454-8204
E-Mail/Website: ctl@doa.net (Rick Corbett)

Daniel Grosjean and Associates, Inc (DGA), Research Consultants in Environmental Science
Environmental control, air pollution.

Analyzers for NOx, CO, SO2 and ozone; LC; IC; GC; environmental test chambers; photochemical flow reactor; exposure chamber for conservation studies, color meters.

Sample Required: Active and passive samplers, also continuous on-site measurements.
Waiting Period: n/a.
Fees: n/a.
Contacts: Daniel Grosjean, Ph.D., President
4526 Telephone Road, Suite 205
Ventura, CA 93003
805 644-0125 Fax: 805 644-0142

Department of Anthropology, Laboratory of Archaeological Chemistry, Univ. of Wisconsin
Archaeological material: bone, pottery, ceramic, stone, pigment, soil, mortar.

2 wet labs; ICP Spectrometer; access to EM and XRD

Sample Required: Destructive analysis, normally requiring less than a few grams.
Waiting Period: n/a.
Fees: Charged on a cost recovering basis, varies with project and number of samples.
Comments: Not a 'contract' facility, but accepts many projects; informative website.
Contacts: T. Douglas Price, Ph. D., Professor, Director
Dr. James Burton, Associate Director, manages the lab.
Madison, WI 53706
608 262-2575 (Price); 262-4505 (Burton)
Fax: 608 265-4216
E-Mail/Website: TDPrice@facstaff.wisc.edu; jhburton@facstaff.wis.edu;
Web-site: http://www.wisc.edu/anthropology/larch/larch.htm

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Cincinnati
Material testing.

Sample Required: n/a.
Waiting Period: n/a.
Fees: n/a.
Comments: Testing only if related to the mission and generally unavailable from any other source.
Contacts: Richard Miller, Ph. D.
Kathy A. Blazer, Director, Operations (contracts, invoicing).
P. O. Box 210071
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0071
513 556-3648 Fax: 513 556-2599

Department of Consumer and Textile Sciences, The Ohio State University
Archaeological and historic textiles, dyes, mordants, fiber identification and characterization.

Optical microscopy, Brightfield, Darkfield, Phase Contrast, PLM, Differential Interference Contrast; SEM/EDS; FTIR Spectroscopy; DSC; XRD.

Sample Required: Depends on selected method and project goals.
Waiting Period: n/a.
Fees: Up to $50 for preliminary examination; up to $150 per sample.
Contacts: Kathryn A. Jakes, Professor and Chair
1787 Neil Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210-1295
614 292-8063 Fax: 614 292-7536
E-Mail/Website: jakes.1@osu.edu
Website: http://www.hec.ohio-state.edu/cts/index.htm

Department of Materials and Nuclear Engineering, University of Maryland
Aging of cellulosic textile, cellulosic material.

IR, UV, DSC, DTA, SEM, FTIR microscopy.

Sample Required: Depends.
Waiting Period: Depends.
Fees: Depends on services provided, interpretation for an additional fee.
Contacts: Ira Block
Associate Professor
2100 Marie Mount Hall
College Park, MD 20742-7531

Desert Research Institute
History of buildings involved in nuclear activities, building, architecture.

Nuclear testing.

Comments: No policy for outside work in place, no detailed information.
Contacts: Colleen M. Beck, Ph. D., Dr. James Taranik, Dr. William Grey Johnson
P. O. Box 60220
Reno, NV 89506
702 673-7312 Fax: 702 673-7421
E-Mail/Website: doherty@maxey.unr.edu

Erlin & Hime Associates, Construction Materials Consultants, A Div. of Wiss, Janney, Elstner
Testing of construction materials: cement, grout, mortar, stucco, concrete, fiber reinforcements, fabrics, sealants, adhesives, brick, terra cotta, glass, metals, tile, roofing materials, wood.

Cement analysis (air content, cement content); mortar analysis; petrography; chlorine analysis; IR spectroscopy; XRD; X-ray spectrography; DTA; SEM; IR microscope /FTIR microscope.

Sample Required: Depends.
Waiting Period: 2-3 weeks; special arrangements can be made.
Fees: Minimum $100; professional staff $60 to $195/hr; tests depend.
Contacts: James D. Connolly, Senior Consultant, Division Manager
330 Pfingsten Road
Northbrook, IL 60062-2095
847 272-7730 Fax: 847 291 5189
E-Mail/Website: JDC@WJE.COM
Tom S. Patty, Manager, Branch Office and Laboratory, Austin, TX
8222 Jamestown Drive, Bldg. A-113
Austin, TX 78758
Phone: 512 835-0940 Fax: 512 835-6268

Forest Product Department, PSI
Testing of wood products.

Accelerated aging; compression; cycle delamination; flexure of lumber; formaldehyde sampling; gradation; lignin; linear expansion; moisture content; nail and screw holding; Taber abrasion; static bending; tension; structural use tests; more.

Sample Required: Depends.
Waiting Period: Depends.
Fees: Minimum $100; tests from $9 (moisture) to $450 (Formaldehyde sampling) and higher.
Comments: Total cost will depend on number of tests required; volume discount
Contacts: Randy Webb, Division Manager
545 Conger Street
Eugene, OR 97402
541 484-9212 Fax: 541 344 2735

Forest Products Laboratory, Univ. of California

SEM; light microscopy; chemical analysis; insect analysis; nondestructive evaluation; fire lab.

Sample Required: Depends on analysis.
Waiting Period: Depends on analysis and work load.
Fees: Hourly charge plus expenses; estimated cost provided on request; Staff are available to answer routine questions on a non-fee basis.
Comments: Short-term use of facilities by private sector, workshops, contract research, library.
Contacts: Stephen Quarles, Ph. D., Head, Service to Industry Program
Tom Briner (Fire lab);
Wayne Wilcox (SEM);
Larry Cool (chemical analysis, pulping);
Vernard Lewis (insect analysis);
Steve Quarles (wood species identification, preservation evaluation, diagnostic services, mechanical testing).
1301 South 46th Street
Richmond, CA 94804-4698
510 215-4215 (S. Quarles) Fax: 510 215-4299
E-Mail/Website: steveq@nature.berkeley.edu; arnops@nature.berkeley.edu

Geochron Laboratories, A Division of Krueger Enterprises, Inc.
Radiocarbon dating & AMS; K/Ar age determination; Rb/Sr age determination; Sr Isotope Analysis; isotopic analysis for archaeologists, anthropologists and geologists.

Sample Required: At least 1g of elemental carbon; smaller samples possible with AMS.
Waiting Period: Results usually within 90 days.
Fees: $550/ sample for AMS; prices for other methods vary.
Comments: 30 years experience.
Contacts: Harold W. Kruger,President/Founder
Dr. Richard Reesman, K-Ar Lab Manager
Dr. Marshall Otter, SIRA Lab Manager
Dr. Alexander Cherkinsky, C-14 Lab Manager
711 Concord Ave
Cambridge, MA 02138
617 876-3691 Fax: 617 661-0148

Image Permanence Institute/RIT, Frank Gannett Memorial Building
Tests for photographic image stability, film deterioration and enclosure quality.

Accelerated aging chambers, misc. instrumentation.

Sample Required: Varies.
Waiting Period: Varies.
Fees: Varies.
Comments: Testing per ANSI and ISO standards, also contrast research.
Contacts: James M. Reilly, Director
Douglas W. Nishimura; Edward Zinn.
70 Lomb Memorial Drive
Rochester, NY 14623-5604
716 475-5199 Fax: 716 475-7230

ISOTRACE Laboratory, The Canadian Centre for Accelerator Mass Spectrometry at the University of Toronto
Radiocarbon analysis; trace metals analysis.

Accelerator Mass Spectrometer and sample preparation laboratories for radiocarbon, iodine-129 and trace metal samples. Radiocarbon analysis: Preferred minimum sample size is 2.5 mg carbon; smaller samples can be analyzed at reduced precision; specialized external facilities available for unusual samples.

Sample Required: Trace metal analysis: mineral grains as small as 0.5 mm dia; consult for other materials.
Waiting Period: Radiocarbon Analysis: 2-3 mths.; occasionally 4-5 mths.; express service at 100% premium; Trace metals analysis: 2-3 mths.; consult for scheduling.
Fees: $490 (C02) to $790 (protein) for normal precision; $790 to 1,090 for high precision.
Comments: Rates for academic work lower than for commercial work (different overhead charges).
Contacts: Dr. W. E. (Liam) Kieser, Assistant Director; 416 978-2241
Radiocarbon Analysis: Dr. Rolf P. Beukens; Phone: 416 978-4628;
E-mail: roelf.beukens@utoronto.ca
Trace Metal Analysis: Dr. Graham Wilson; Phone: 416 978 4041;
E-mail gcw@quartz.geology.utoronto.ca
60 Saint George Street
Toronto, Ontario, CANADA, M5S 1A7
416 978-2258; Fax: 416 978-4711
E-Mail/Website: isotrace.lab@utoronto.ca; liam.kieser@utoronto.ca

Leather Industries Research Laboratories, University of Cincinnati
Hide, leather, leather product, evaluation, specification testing, defect diagnosis.

Diagnostic and Analytical: Chemical lab, video microscopy, physical testing equipment, spectrophotometry (AA, IR, UV-VIS), GC, HPLC; access to equipment in other University departments; testing in accordance with industry standards.

Sample Required: Depends, sample should be accompanied by written service work request and authorization.
Waiting Period: One week or less, depending upon type of work
Fees: $150/hr. Can be negotiated.
Comments: Lab certified under the Qualified Laboratory List #18415, work confidential.
Contacts: Nicholas J. Cory, Ph. D., Director
Kadir Dönmez, Research Associate.
P. O. Box 210014
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0014
513 556-1200 Fax: 513 556-2377
E-Mail/Website: corynj@ucunix.san.uc.edu

Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC), Harvard University, Gordon McKay Laboratory
Materials preparation and analysis.

Preparation: metallurgy, ceramic & chemical prep. facilities, thin film, ion sputtering, thermal deposition; Characterization: XPS, Cambridge accelerator (see separate listing), SAM (MIT), AFM, STM and EM, clean room/microfabrication facility, X-ray characterization facilities, mechanical testing and thermal measurements facilities, optical properties laboratory.

Sample Required: Depends on analytic technique.
Waiting Period: Inquire
Fees: Academic, industrial and governmental collaborations sought
Comments: Several facilities are shared with MIT.
Contacts: Frans Spaepens, Professor, Director
Robert Graham, Assistant Director.
9 Oxford Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
617 495-4595 Fax: 617 496-4654
E-Mail/Website: mrsce@harvard.edu

Materials Science-Based Archaeology Group, Department of Materials, University of Oxford
Metals and metal-related material and processing debris, especially archaeological and industrial copper and iron alloys.

Electron probe microanalysis (EPMA) for Fe, Cu, Sn, Ag, Pb, Au alloys; access to XRF and scanning proton microprobe with external beam line (PIXE/RBS) for non-intrusive analysis; SEM/TEM/STEM; optical microscopy; limited access to XRD.

Sample Required: Samples must be submitted with full documentation (and photographs where appropriate). For large scale projects site visits can be arranged.
Waiting Period: 4 weeks from receipt for small batches of samples; rush orders will incur an additional charge. Schedules for large projects to be negotiated.
Fees: From $35 to $70 per sample depending on material and requirements; From $240 for more complex analyses.
Comments: Limited storage for objects, FedEx or overnight mail for samples and reports.
Contacts: Dr. Peter Northover, Research Fellow
Mr. Chris Salter
Parks Road
Oxford, OX1 3PH, United Kingdom
01144 1865 273779 Fax: 01144 1865 273794
E-Mail/Website: peter.northover@materials.ox.ac.uk

McCrone Research Institute, Inc.
Authentication of art & archaeological objects; Teaching courses in the use of microscopy in conservation and authentication.

Microscopy (all types); Micrometry; Microspectroscopy. Refractometry, Imaging; SEM; AEM.

Sample Required: subnanogram.
Waiting Period: Depends, will be determined by project leader.
Fees: Depends, consulting time $125/hr., minimum.
Comments: Detailed information on file, no instrument rates.
Contacts: Walter C. McCrone, Director Emeritus
David A. Stoney, Director
2820 S. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60616-3292
312 842-7100 Fax: 312 842-1078
E-Mail/Website: Research Institute: Info@mcri.org
Website: http://www.mcri.org

Mission Clay Products, Division of MCP Industries, Inc,
Clay, shale, raw material, sulfur, fluoride, inorganic carbon, organic carbon, quartz.

Perkin-Elmer IR Spectrophotometer; Leco DC-12 Carbon Determinator and Afterburner; Leco-SC-32 Sulfur Determinator; McCrone Micronizing Mill; Eurotherm Programmers; Soil Test Sedimentation, Honeywell Process Reporter.

Sample Required: Clay testing 25 lbs; TDA, DTGA 6 lbs or 1/2 brick, other methods less.
Waiting Period: n/a.
Fees: Staff time $110/hr., samples $30-$330, rebate for more than 10 samples.
Comments: Testing of clays, shales and mixes for total fluoride and sulfur content to predict killing emission.
Contacts: A. Joel Frazier, Mgr. Ceramics Technology, Chief Geologist
P. O. Box 6, 826 East Fourth Street
Pittsburgh, KS 66762
316 231-1400
800 835-0320 Fax: 316 231-1475

Museum of American Textile History, Textile Conservation Center
Textile, fiber, yarn.

Tests of textile fibers with light polarizing microscope, age accelerating oven.

Sample Required: Requires fiber or yarn samples of 2-3 mm length.
Waiting Period: 1-2 weeks.
Fees: $35 per microscopy sample; otherwise $70 per hour.
Comments: An expansion of the analytical capabilities is planned in the future.
Contacts: Deirdre Windsor
Chief Conservator
491 Dutton Street
Lowell, MA 01854-4221
508 441-1198 Fax: 508 441-1412

National Park Service, NE Cultural Resource Center, Boot Cotton Mills Museum
Paint, mortar, stone, petrography, wallpaper, paper, basic materials; control tests for masonry barrier coating, wood coating treatments.

Microscopy, FT-IR, chemical analysis.

Sample Required: Depends.
Waiting Period: 2 weeks or more.
Fees: Cost recovery basis.
Comments: Work must be for National Landmark, non-profit or government organization; special agreements may be necessary.
Contacts: Stephen Spaulding, Chief, Building Conservation Branch
Bridget Sullivan, Curatorial Resources (508-970-5160);
Stephen Spaulding, Building Conservation (508-970-5127);
Steve Penderey, Architecture (508-970-5150);
Barbara Yocum (Specializes in wallpaper);
Peggy Albee (paint analysis);
Caroll Perault.(Building Conservation)
400 Foot of John Street
Lowell, MA 01852-1195
508 970-5133; 508 970-5127

New York Conservation Center, Inc.
Instrumental analysis of art, archaeological and architectural materials; paint and coatings analysis and matching; fibers analysis; metallurgical analysis; project analysis and planning.

Photo-microscopical laboratory with PLM, fluorescence, inverted stage metallograph, stereomicroscopes, video; UV/VIS Spectrometer; UV examination; basic chemical laboratory; local network as needed for IR reflectography, radiography, SEM/EDS, FTIR, other advanced instrumental techniques.

Sample Required: Call for planning.
Waiting Period: Call for planning.
Fees: Call for planning.
Comments: Library/Information Center (NYC) with 3000+ volumes and Internet searching.
Contacts: John Scott, MA, MA-CAS;Conservator Analyst, Director
Branch Office: 215 Forgedale Rd., Fleetwood, PA 19522
Phone/Fax: 610 944-5175
519 W 26th St., mail to: P. O. Box 20098 LT
New York, NY 10011-0008
212 714-0620 Fax: 212 714 -0149
E-Mail/Website: jscott@panix.com

New York University, Conservation Center of the Institute of Fine Arts
Organic materials.


Comments: Institute has no official policy for outside work.
Contacts: Norbert Baer, Ph. D., Hagop Kevorkian Prof. of Conservation
Shelley Sass, Program Coordinator, Conservation Center and Architectural Conservator.
14 East 78th Street, New York, NY 10021-1745
212 772-5800 (general) 212 772-5848 Fax: 212 772-5851
E-Mail/Website: baer@is.2.nyu.edu

NSF Arizona AMS Facility, Univ. of Arizona
Radiocarbon dating.

AMS Laboratory, 10BE measurements (Be oxide targets), C14 measurements.

Sample Required: Depends on material, 5mg to 1g or more.
Waiting Period: n/a
Fees: $200-$500 per sample, depending on type of organization.
Comments: Financed by NSF and user fees; scientific and historical studies.
Contacts: Rosemary Maddock, Administrative Assistant
1118 East Fourth St., P.O. Box 210081, Tuscon, AZ 85721
520 621-6810 Fax: 520 621-9619
E-Mail/Website: AMS@ccit.arizona.edu

Paleo Research
Pollen, phytolith, macrofloral, charcoal, wood, protein residue.

Archaebotanic lab.

Sample Required: Sampling manual provided.
Waiting Period: 60-120 days (report), rush samples for an additional fee.
Fees: 35/hr, analysis: $80 to $120 per sample, field visits: $250/day plus expenses, sales tax if applicable.
Comments: Field consultation possible.
Contacts: Linda Scott Cummings, Ph. D., Director (owner) / palynologist & phytolith analyst
Kathryn Puseman, microfloral and blood residue analyst;
Tom Moutoux, palynologist;
Andria Bidwell, lab technician.
15485 W. 44th Ave., Suite A, Golden, CO 80403
303 277-9848
E-Mail/Website: LSCummings@aol.com

Philadelphia Museum of Art, Conservation Department
Organic coatings, paint films, pigments, fillers, metal corrosion products, ceramic and stone degradation products.

In house: FTIR; GC-MS; XRD; fluorescence microscopy, PLM, metallography. Access to: EPMA; SEM /EDS; XRF; Auger.

Sample Required: Varies with instrument.
Waiting Period: Department's work has priority; outside work as time permits.
Fees: Depends.
Comments: Services available for institutions and conservators without analytical resources.
Contacts: Andrew Lins, Conservator/ Corrosion Scientist
Beth A. Price, Conservator and Conservation Chemist.
Marigene H. Butler, Head of Conservation.
Benjamin Franklin Parkway at 26th Street, Box 7646
Philadelphia, PA 19130-7646
215 763-8100 general; 215 684-7540 Cons.
Fax: 215 236-4465; 215 236-4465 Cons
E-Mail/Website: conserve@libertynet.org

Program on Ancient Technologies & Archaeological Materials (ATAM), University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
ceramics, metal, museum objects

XRD; SEM/EDS; AAS; X-radiography; XRF; SIMS; SAM; RBS; XPS; TEM, C-14 dating.

Comments: Facilities are available through cooperation with other campus laboratories.
Contacts: Sarah Wisseman, Ph. D., Director
901 S. Mathews Avenue
Urbana, IL 61801
217 333-6629 Fax: 217 244-0466
E-Mail/Website: wisarc@uiuc.edu;
Website: http://www2.uiuc.edu/unit/ATAM/

PSI (formerly known as Pittsburgh Testing Laboratory)
Construction materials testing (A2LA accreditation).

Soil testing; nondestructive testing; asbestos survey; air/bulk analysis; on-site laboratory set up; moisture/density testing.

Sample Required: Depends.
Waiting Period: Depends.
Fees: $32/hr. for sampling, $50-$85/hr. for engineering, testing $12.50-$150/test.
Comments: Recommend two of their test laboratories, general company information on file.
Contacts: Greg Barbuto, Department Manager, Construction Services
Sarah Lynn, Business Development Coordinator;
James Ellis, Business Development Manager;
Donald R. Scott, Vice President of Operations;
Jay Robinson, NDE Services Manager.
12812 N. E. Marx Street
Portland, OR 97230
503 254-8418 Fax: 503 252-5608

Research Reactor Center, Univ. of Missouri-Columbia
Pottery, ceramic, clay, obsidian, basalt, tephra, chert.

10 MW light-water-moderated reactor for neutron activation analysis; three high-purity germanium detectors with sample changers; two petrographic microscopes; lab balance; rock saws; programmable furnace; 10 personal computers.

Sample Required: 50-500 mg.
Waiting Period: Minimum 2 months, up to 6 months.
Fees: 50 pottery samples: $100-120/sample; obsidian sourcing $35-150.
Comments: Archival collection of more than 28,000 archaeological specimens; NSF- Site.
Contacts: Michael Glascock, Ph. D., Group Leader, Archaeometry Lab
Hector Neff, Senior Research Scientist.
James W. Cogswell, Research Specialist.
R. Sergio Herrera, Senior Research Lab Technician.
Research Park, Columbia, MO 65211
573 882-5270 Fax: 573 882-6360
E-Mail/Website: glascock@reactor.murr.missouri.edu;
Website: http://www.missouri.edu/~murrwww/archlab.html

SEAL Laboratories
Metallurgy, Material Science, metal.

Electron Microscope lab: SEM/EDS (JEOL 6400, 6100, JSM 35C); Surface Analysis Lab: SAM (JEOL JAMP-10) and SIMS (KRATOS 800); XPS/ESCA (SSX-100-01 SMALL SPOT XPS/ESCA system); Organic Analysis lab;FTIR; XRF; XRD; TGA; DSC; DMTA.

Sample Required: Depends.
Waiting Period: Depends on customer's requirements.
Fees: Staff time: $140-$200; analysis: $50-$500 per sample or $150-$290 per hour.
Comments: "Scanning Electron Analysis Laboratory" Company folder on file.
Contacts: Roland H. Marti, M.S., President
Arun Kumar, Ph.D, Vice President;
Syavash Ensha, Ph.D, Michael Neff, M.S., Metallurgy & Mat. Science
Jim A. Curiel, Consulting Metallurgist;
James W. Mason, Ph.D, Chief Chemist; more.
250 North Nash Street, El Segundo, CA 90245
310 322-2011 Fax: 310 322-2243
E-Mail/Website: seallab@aol.com
Website: http://home.earthlink.net/~seallabs

Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities (SPNEA), Conservation Center, Lyman Estate
Wood-coating, paint, furniture.

UV -VIS light microscopy for cross-section analysis of paints and varnishes; PLM for pigment, fiber and wood identification; Minolta Chroma Meter CR-241 for color measurement for color matching paint layers.

185 Lyman Street
Waltham, MA 02154
617 891-1985 Fax: 617 893-7832

The Erlin Company
Evaluation of concrete mortar, brick, terra cotta, dimension stone and other materials of construction; determinations of original composition, existing condition and future performance.

Scanning microscopes; petrographic microscopes; modified point-count equipment; XRD; wet chemistry; accelerated weathering; supplemental analytical work available through associated laboratories.

Sample Required: Variable.
Waiting Period: Variable.
Fees: Variable.
Comments: Experienced in evaluations of historic-type materials.
Contacts: Bernard Erlin, President/Petrographer
Mark E. Patton, Ph.D., P.E., Materials Engineer
X. Derek Cong, Ph.D., Petrographer
1693 Clearview
Latrobe, PA 15650
412 539-1800 Fax: 412 539-7305
E-Mail/Website: BE5023@aol.com

UCR Mass Spectrometry Facility, Chemistry Department, University of California
Organometallics, peptides, oligonucleotides, carbohydrates.

VG-ZAB2SE high resolution mass spectrometer, EI/CI, FAB capability; VG7070EHF high resolution mass spectrometer, EI/CI capability; Vastec LaserTec Time if Flight with MALDI capability; HP 5989A GC/MS/IR; Finnigan MAT 900 high resolution mass spectrometer, EI, ESI, APCI capability.

Sample Required: Specific instructions available.
Waiting Period: Two weeks average.
Fees: Federal or state funds: $10-30 per sample, $25/hr.; others $75-125 per sample.
Comments: Non federal/state funded work only performed if no other facility available, Contact first.
Contacts: Richard Kondrat, Ph. D.
Charles Wilkins
Riverside, CA 92521
909 787-5287 Fax: 909 787-4713
E-Mail/Website: mspec@mail.ucr.edu;
Website: http://www.chem.ucr.edu/facilities/ms/ms.html

University of California, Riverside, Department of Chemistry

Sample Required: Depends.
Waiting Period: Depends.
Fees: Depends.
Comments: A limited number of analyses can be performed; call for details.
Contacts: Dallas Rabenstein, Professor
Riverside, CA 92521-0403
909 787-1012

Vassar College, Chemistry Department
Organic Archaeometry, amber, fossil resin, resin, tar, oil, fat, wax.

Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectrometer; Fourier Transform Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer. Gas Chromatographs; Mass Spectrometer.

Sample Required: 2-100 mg, depending on the nature of the sample and the type(s) of analysis required.
Waiting Period: 3 to 6 months.
Fees: Non-profit organization, does not charge fees.
Contacts: Curt W. Beck, Professor
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

West Coast Analytical Services
Trace analysis, capability for difficult or obscure methods.

GC-MS; GC; LC; IC; FITR Spectroscopy; ICP/MS; CE.

Sample Required: Small
Waiting Period: 1-2 weeks
Fees: Detailed fee schedule on file; ( Company folder).
Comments: Fast, good; worked for LACMA; GCI main lab for outside services; staff of 30, including 2 PhD/MD, 20 engineers & scientists, 2 technicians; Certified: AIHA, CA-DOHS, LCMS, A2LA; interested in result; quarterly newsletter.
Contacts: D. J. Northington, President
Eric W. Lindsay, Project Manager
9840 Alburtis Avenue
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
562 948-2225 Fax: 562 948-5850

Williamstown Art Conservation Center, Inc.
Object examination/microscopic analysis of cross-section, thin-section & particle/fiber samples from paint, coating, gilding, other layers on historic objects & architectural surfaces.

Object examination: photography, photomacrography, UV-VIS fluorescence examination, IR reflectography, X-radiography, stereomicros-copy; Sample Preparation: retrievable/permanent mounting, thin sectioning, extraction, centrifugation; Microscopic analysis: PLM fluorescence microscopy, chemical microscopy, FTIR; Other analyses & tests: TLC, access to SEM/EDS, UV-VIS, GC/MS, HPLC, AA, when needed; Oddy & Hopwood tests, sodium-azide test, more.

Sample Required: Varies by technique; sampling kit provided.
Waiting Period: 5-10 business days; express service available.
Fees: $65/hr. plus materials for conservators and non-profit institutions; quotations provided by sample or project.
Comments: Emphasis on practical application in treatment, technical study, interpretation, authentication and dating. Provide review of presentation texts and manuscripts for technical accuracy. Own/administrate listserv dedicated to discussion of conservation science topics Materials-L@williams.edu
Contacts: James S. Martin, Director of Analytical Services & Research Associate; Conservator of Paintings
225 South Street
Williamstown, MA 01267
413 458-5741 Fax: 413 458-2314
E-Mail/Website: j.martin@williams.edu or james.s.martin@williams.edu

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