WAAC Newsletter

Volume 20, Number 2
May 1998


President's Letter
John Griswold

Conservation Events Distribution List to be Formed
Carolyn Tallent

The Conservator's Digest of Guidelines for the Evaluation and Control of Lead-Based paint Hazards in Housing
David E. Jacobs

Directory of analytical and materials testing services for Historic Preservation
National Center for Preservation Technology and Training

A Tourist Album and its Implications for the Intellectual Property Rights of Indigenous Peoples
Laura Downey

Conservation News from Abroad: UKIC and Accreditation The Document of Pavia
Frances Hinchcliffe
Ann Spreadbury
Heather Edwards

Book Reviews
Carolyn Tallent
Ulrich Burkmaier
Laura Downey

Regional News, Jill Sterrett, editor

Health and Safety, Chris Stavroudis, editor

Technical Exchange, Dean Yoder, editor

Publications, Carolyn Tallent, editor

AYMHM: Articles You May Have Missed, Susana Zubiate, editor

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