WAAC Newsletter

Volume 17, Number 1
Jan 1995


President's Letter
Pauline Mohr

WAAC Annual Meeting: Presentation Summaries
Pauline Mohr

Determination of Allowable RH Fluctuations
David Erhardt
Marion F. Mecklenburg
Charles S. Tumosa
Mark McCormick-Goodhart

CAL scientists revise guidelines for museum climate control
William Schultz

Some Thoughts on the Recent CAL Press Release on Climate Control for Cultural Collections
William A. Real

Further Comments on Climate Control Guidelines
William P. Lull

Regional News, Neil C. Cockerline, editor

Health & Safety: The Topic is Estrogenic Chemicals, Chris Stavroudis, editor

Technical Exchange, Dean Yoder, editor

Publications, Susana C. Zubiate, editor

Conference Reviews, Mary Piper Hough, editor

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