Volume 15, Number 2, May 1993, pp.42-43


Rosanna Zubiate-Brenner, column editor
Vellum and Parchment, a special number of The Paper Conservator, the Journal of the Institute of Paper Conservation, Volume 16, 1992, Helen Shenton, editor. Illustrated with many photographs and diagrams. Published by the Institute for Paper Conservation, Leigh Lodge, Leigh, Worcestershire WR6 5LB, England.

Articles are:

"Rediscovering Parchment: The Nature of the Beast," by Christopher Clarkson

"A Conditioning Chamber for Parchment and other Materials," by Christopher Clarkson

"Printing on Parchment or Vellum," by Penny Jenkins

"The Conservation of Parchment Objects using Gore-Tex Laminates," by Hannah Singer

"The Conservation of Pleated Illuminated Vellum Leaves in the Ashmole Bestiary," by Linda Lee

"The Vellum of the Book of Kells," by Anthony Cains

"Vexed by Vellum Papers," by Penny Jenkins

"The Conservation of Codex Eykensis: The Evolution of the Project and the Assessment of Materials and Adhesives for the Repair of Parchment," by Jan Wouters, Gely Gancedo, An Peckstadt and Lieve Watteeuw

"Alternative Methods of Mounting Parchment for Framing and Exhibition," by Nicholas Pickwoad

"The Conservation of 14th Century Parchment Documents with Pendant Seals," by Hanna Szczepanowska

"Laser Ramen Spectroscopy: A Tool for Non-Destructive Pigment Analysis of Manuscripts," by Cheryl Porter

"Gut Membrane, Parchment, and Gelatine incorporated into Textile Objects," by Marion Kite

Dictionary of Hand Stitches Used in Textile Conservation, The Textile Conservation Group, New York, 1993, $5.50 plus $2.50 s/h, $3.50 outside the USA.

This book was researched by the Study Group on Threads and Stitching Techniques, a research committee of the Textile Conservation Group, NYC. The book is arranged in loose-leaf format for a 3-ring binder, and includes diagrams, directions, applicable uses, and other information concerning stitches used in textile conservation. Checks, made payable to the Textile Conservation Group, should be sent to Susan A. Mathisen, Textile Conservation Lab, Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine, 1047 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY 10025.

Guide to the Maintenance of Outdoor Sculpture, by Virginia N. Naude and Glenn Wharton, The American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works, 1400 Sixteenth Street NW Suite 340, Washington, DC 20036. $15.00.

This guide was drawn from materials assembled for the symposium "Maintenance of Outdoor Sculpture: Whose Job Is It?", held June 2-3, 1992, in Buffalo NY. Includes nearly 50 photographs.

Short Courses Abroad in Historic Preservation 1992-1993: A Partial List of Short Courses in Historic Preservation Offered on a Regular Basis Outside the United States, by Gustavo Araoz, Jr., published by ICOMOS, Decatur House, 1600 H. Street, NW, Washington, DC 20006.

Two dozen opportunities for special training are described. Conservation related to architecture is the predominant speciality, but also listed are opportunities for training in the conservation of paper, mural paintings, archaeological resources, metals, brick and tile, stone, wood, etc.

Making Art Safely, by Merle Spandorfer, Deborah Curtiss, and Jack Snyder, Van Nostrand Reinhold, $44.95.

An illustrated reference guide presenting safer alternatives for more hazardous materials and processes for 2-D art. The first part of the book is on general hazards and safety precautions. The second half of the book has detailed chapters on: Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Graphic Design, and Photography. The book is available from the Center for Safety in the Arts for $44.95 plus postage and handling. CSA, 5 Beekman Street - Suite 1030, NY, NY 10038.

Art Safety Procedures: A Health and Safety Manual for Art Schools and Art Departments, by Michael McCann, published by Center for Safety in the Arts, 109 pages, $23.00 plus $2.00 s/h; order from Center for Safety in the Arts, 5 Beekman Street, Suite 1030, NYC 10028.

The manual includes chapters on health and safety programs, hazard communication, emergency procedures (including spill control), applicable laws and regulations, general precautions, fire safety, personal protective equipment, waste management, safety, and appendixes on CSA programs and publications and a list of government and medical resources across the country.

Artist Beware, by Michael McCann, Lyons and Burford, Publishers, 1992, 560 pages.

This second edition of Artist Beware is completely updated and reorganized, with major additions, including sections on labels and Material Safety Data Sheets, commercial art, paper-making, laser sculpture, holography, anodizing, neon sculpture, computer art, and safety. The new edition is available from Center for Safety in the Arts for $29.95 plus $3.50 s/h. Order from: Center for Safety in the Arts, 5 Beekman Street, Suite 1030, NYC, 10038.

Waste Management and Disposal for Artists and Schools, by Angela Babin and Michael McCann, published by Center for Safety in the Arts, 12 pages, 1992.

Artists, art teachers and students often produce solid waste, and sometimes liquid waste, as a result of their art processes. Much of this waste can be hazardous, leaving the problem of how to dispose of it safely and legally. This 12-page data sheet discusses hazardous waste, including definitions, regulations, waste treatment procedures, and recommendations for waste management. The production of this pamphlet was made possible with a grant from the EPA. To order copies of this booklet, send a check or money order for $3.00 to Center for Safety in the Arts, 5 Beekman Street, NYC, 10038.

Overexposure: Health Hazards in Photography, by Susan D. Shaw and Monona Rossol, 2nd edition, 1991, Allworth Press, 10 E. 23rd Street, New York, NY 10010, $18.95.

...the only in-depth treatment of the health and safety hazards faced by amateur and professional photographers working in black and white, color, historic silver and non-silver processes, photoprintmaking, and conservation and restoration of photographic materials. First published in 1983, this new edition is completely revised, expanded and updated...

Matte Paint Supplement (supplement to AATA: Art and Archaeology Technical Abstracts), Eric F. Hansen, Sue Walston, and Mitchell Hearns Bishop (eds.). To be published autumn 1993. Prepublication price is $45 for individuals and $65 for institutions. The Getty Conservation Institute, 4503 Glencoe Avenue, Marina del Rey, California, 90292.

Includes over 1500 abstracts, glossary of technical terms. Covers the history and technology of matte paint (paint with a high pigment-to-volume ratio, or paint with degraded binding media). Examination and analysis of matte paint. Physical and optical properties. Deterioration processes and factors. Treatment reports covering the period 1966-1992.

Elements of Archaeological Conservation, by J. M. Cronyn, Routledge, Inc., 29 W. 35th Street, New York City 10001-2299, 384 pages, illustrations, $79.95. (publication date is either 1990 or 1991)

...a general survey of current processes and practices dealing with agents of preservation and decay, techniques of conservation... Both a reference work for conservators...and an introduction...for those setting out to train as archaeological conservators.

Preservation of Electronic Formats & Electronic Formats for Preservation, Janice Mohlhenrich, editor, Highsmith Press, P.O. Box 800, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin 53538-0800, 128 pages, softcover, $25.

Based on a 1992 Electronic Preservation conference sponsored by the Wisconsin Preservation Program, this work... focuses on the durability and longevity of specific electronic formats, the best possible preservation methods, costs of imaging techniques, and the appropriateness of these formats for libraries today and tomorrow. Includes index and annotated bibliography.

Books, Boxes, and Portfolios: Binding, Construction, and Design, by Frantz Zeier, Second Printing, 1990. 304 pages. $36.45 hardbound.

Detailed instructions and illustrations on the construction of solid cubes, mats, boxes, portfolios, photograph albums and books of all sorts, plus a bibliography, index, and list of suppliers.

The Bookbinder's Warehouse, Inc., 31 Division Street, Keyport, NJ 07735.

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