WAAC Newsletter

Volume 15, Number 2
May 1993


President's Letter
Patricia Leavengood

AIC Is Seeking Public Outreach Liaisons
Pam Hatchfield

Letter to the Editor about boycotting Colorado
Bob Inge

CoOL Breeze
Elizabeth C. Welsh

Ageless(tm) Oxygen Scavenger: Practical Applications
Vinod Daniel
Frank L. Lambert

The Conservation of Tibetan Thangkas: a group of symposium papers
Janice Leoshko
Victoria Blyth-Hill
Julie Goldman
Susan Sayre Batton
Ian Alsop

Fire Suppression and Life without Halon
Barbara O. Roberts

Cultural Heritage Fire Suppression Systems: Alternatives to Halon 1301
Nicholas Artim

Cumulative Trauma Disorders: Some Cautions for Conservators
Rosamond Westmoreland

Facts about Cumulative Trauma Disorders
Chris Stavroudis

Regional News, Lesley Bone, editor

Technical Exchange, Erich Jacobs, editor

Publications-Audiovisual, Rosanna Zubiate-Brenner, editor

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