Volume 11, Number 2, May 1989, pp.10-11

Zora's Column

by Zora Sweet Pinney

A direct line to source information is one of the most valuable tools I know of. Clearly there is a consensus in WAAC that has encouraged us to re-issue the Resource File.

Among my most precious possessions are my friends in the artists' materials industry. They have always been most generous and courteous in answering questions and offering information. Most often it can be passed along, but sometimes it is information for my own use only...and I have always honored that restriction.

Recently I had a very serious discussion with a colleague over the telephone about the binder in the LeFranc & Bourgeois restoration colors. After communication with the Company, I found the answer to be that the formulation with which I was familiar had changed, as well as their chief chemist.

The original material was called Muzii. I still have a few extra tubes if anyone is interested in trying it. The L & B laboratory sent this description of its composition: "these colors, with their pigments first ground in linseed oil, were mixed into an emulsion form in an aqueous solution of gum Arabic and sugar".

They also added that "The binder for the [new] Restoration Colors is a 50/50 mixture of B67 and K80 (Ketonic) [Ketone Resin N; Laropal K-80] resins. They are completely different from Muzii, which is no longer made."

The Art and Craft Materials Institute at 715 Boylston St., Boston MA 02116 is an organization that certifies art and craft materials to be in conformance with ASTM D-4236, the Chronic Health Hazard Labeling Standard for art and craft materials. This is the Standard that is included under the California State law and will also be included in the Federal legislation that will take effect in about a year and a half. Information about how their "AP", "CP" and "Health" label seals are used and the materials they certify may be obtained by writing to Laurie Doyle, Associate Director of the ACMI at the above address. They will also send a current (May 1989) listing of the products certified, identified by manufacturer and grouped by type, upon request.

Zora Sweet Pinney

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