Volume 10, Number 3, Sept 1988, pp.12-13


Rosanna Zubiate, column editor

Two Important Books are Offered by:

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Special Service Office Middle Village, NY 11381:

Maryan Ainsworth, John Brealy, Egbert Haverkamp-Begemann, Pieter Meyers, et al. Art and Autoradiography: Insights into the Genesis of Paintings by Rembrandt, Van Dyck, and Vermeer. First published in 1982, this book discusses the substructure of paintings analyzed using neutron activation autoradiography. 112 pp., $35.00.

Marjorie Shelley, with contributions by the curatorial and conservation departments of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Care and Handling of Art Objects: Practices in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The publisher writes, "Designed primarily for Metropolitan Museum staff members and volunteers, it sets out guidelines for dealing with the entire spectrum of works in the Museum's collection." 112pp, $14.95.

Ruth Norton and Sue Walston. Bibliography of Works on the Conservation of Ethnographic Materials. This compilation specifically addresses the study and treatment of ethnographic materials. Copies can be ordered from: ICOM, Maison de l'Unesco, 1 rue Miollis, 75732 Paris Cedix 15, France. $10.00 (postage and handling included). Payment should be made preferably by Bank Transfer, by International Money Order, or by Unesco Coupons.

Edward Sayre, Pamela Vandiver, James Druzik, and Chris Stevenson, Eds. Materials Issues in Art and Archaeology. Volume 123, ISBN: 0-931837-93-6, 1988. Symposium proceedings from the Spring Meeting of the Materials Research Society, Reno, Nevada. Available through the MRS, 9800 McKnight Rd., Suite 327, Pittsburg, PA 15237. Domestic, non-MRS member price: $48.00.

Stig E. Freberg, Ph.D., Pierre Bothorel, editors. Microemulsions and Dynamics. This publication covers the state-of-the-art in stability, structure, applications, and dynamics representation of microemulsions systems and features over 300 highly detailed illustrations and equations. Free on 30-day approval. To order contact: CRC Press, Inc., 2000 Corporate Blvd., N.W., Boca Raton, Florida 33431, or telephone for charge card sales 1-800-272-7737.

The Following Publications are Available through:

VCH Publishers, Inc.
Suite 909, 220 E. 23 Street
New York, NY 10010-4606

Dieter Behrens, Ed. Dechema Corrosion Handbook. The first two of the 12 double-column volumes are currently available. $450.00 per volume. Subscribers for the set pay $375.00 each. Vol. 1: Acetates, Aluminum Chloride, Chlorine and Chlorinated Water, Fluorides, Potassium Hydroxide, Steam, Sulphuric Acids. Vol. 2: Aliphatic Aldehydes, Ammonia and Ammonium Hydroxide, Sodium Hydroxide, Soil (Underground Corrosion).

Heinrich Sollinger. Color Chemistry, Syntheses, Properties and Applications of Organic Dyes and Pigments. 367pp., $119.00.

D.Y. Meyers, Jr. Surfactant Science and Technology. 351pp., $45.00.

Howard Fawcett, Ed. Hazardous and Toxic Materials, Safe Handling and Disposal. 2nd Edition, 514pp, $59.95. Wiley Professional Books-by-Mail; John Wiley & Sons, Inc.; Dept 063; One Wiley Drive; Somerset, NJ 08875-9977.

Lynda A. Zycherman and J. Richard Schrock edited this F.A.I.C. and Association of Systematics Collections publication of A Guide to Museum Pest Control. Before October 15, 1988, $20.00 each; after, $36.00. Available through Association of Systematics Collections; 730 11th Street, NW, 2nd Floor; Washington, DC 20001.

All back numbers of the WAAC Newsletter are available for sale. Each deluxe issue costs $5.00 and is available from the Secretary/Treasurer, Joanne Page. Please specify the volume and number or the month and year when ordering. (New members receive all issues for the membership year in which they join.)

The WAAC Resource File is a comprehensive card file system of conservation resources published in 1982 that contains over 300 entries covering all areas of conservation. Available for $20 to WAAC members, postage paid, or $25 to non-members. Write to Tatyana Thompson, 1453-B 14th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90404.

Catherine C. McLean and Patricia Connell, Editors. "Textile Conservation Symposium in Honor of Pat Reeves," 1986. 84pp. To order, send check for $15.00 payable to LACMA to C. McLean, Conservation Center, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 5905 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036.


On Tuesday, October 4, 1988, PBS will broadcast an episode of NOVA entitled Can the Vatican Save the Sistine Chapel?. Produced for Nova by Susanne Simpson in co-production with NTV International Corporation.

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