Volume 8, Number 2, May 1986, pp.12-13



The Getty Conservation Institute published its first newsletter this past winter. It is called The GCI Newsletter, it details the activities of the Institute and it will come out each winter, spring and fall. Orders, address changes and all other inquiries should be sent to the Getty Conservation Institute, 4503-B Glencoe Avenue, Marina del Rey, CA 90292 tel: (213) 822-2299. Jane Slate, Editor.

LANDI, SHEILA B. The Textile Conservator's Manual. Butterworth Publishers: Stoneham, MA, 1986. 224 pp. $110. ISBN 408-10782-0. Contents: The Profession; Technology; The Object: examination, options, choice; Recording, handling and preparation; Chemicals and their uses; Cleaning; Support and consolidation; Reassembly and finishing; Display, storage and transportation; Equipment and the workroom; Appendices: materials and equipment; Emergency procedures; Glossary of weaving terms; Undergarments for costume display.

JONES, BARCLAY G. Protecting Historic Architecture and Museum Collections from Natural Disasters. Butterworth Publishers: Stoneham, MA, June 1986. 400 pp. $27.95(est) ISBN 409-90035-4. Topics covered include: An over-view of natural disasters, vulnerability assessment, preventative measures and emergency and rescue measures.

MALARO, MARIE C. A Legal Primer on Managing Museum Collections. 1986. 351 pp. $29.95 ISBN 0-87474-656-6. Available through The American Association for State and Local History in Nashville. "Written for the layman...Many museum professionals will find the book a valuable checklist for assessing their current practices; others will find it a framework for establishing collection management policies."

Ontario Museum Association and Toronto Area Archivists Group (Editors) Museum Archival Supply Handbook (834). AASLH: Nashville, 1986. 174 pp. $19.95 ISBN 0-920402-05-4. This handbook lists over 600 North American suppliers of conservation and archival materials and nearly half of the suppliers are located in the United States.

PETHERBRIDGE, GUY Conservation of Library and Archive Materials and Graphic Arts. Butterworth Publishers: Stoneham, MA, 1986. 296 pp. $129.95 ISBN 408-01466-0. Contents: Paper: scientific developments; Conservation treatments; Alkaline buffering; Mounting and storage Leaf casting; Vellum and parchment: repair and relaxation; Binding, handling and display; Books and bindings: book conservation; Book bindings; Modern records: photographic; library and archival; index.

WAAC Resource File, a comprehensive card file system of conservation resources containing over 300 entries covering all areas of conservation. Available for $20 to WAAC members, postage paid, or $25 to non-members. Write to Tatyana Thompson, 1453B 14th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90404.

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